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Ctrl+e,d: Formatting all of your code
Ctrl+e,c/ctrl+k,c: Comment Selection
Ctrl+e,u/ctrl+k,u: Deselect Comment content

Ctrl+e,s: View Blank
Ctrl+e,w: Wrap Line

CTRL + SHIFT + B Build Solution
CTRL + F7 Build compilation
CTRL + O Open File
CTRL + SHIFT + o Open Project
CTRL + SHIFT + C displays the Class View window
F4 Display Properties Window
SHIFT + F4 Show Project Properties window
CTRL + SHIFT + E display Resource View
F12 go To Definition
CTRL + F12 go to Declaration
CTRL + ALT + J Object Browse
CTRL + ALT + F1 Help Table of Contents
CTRL + F1 Dynamic Help
F1 Help
SHIFT + F1 Current Window Help
CTRL + ALT + F3 Help-Search
SHIFT + ALT + Enter full screen display
CTRL +-Navigate backwards
CTRL + SHIFT +-Navigate Forward
CTRL + F4 Close document window
CTRL + PAGE down cursor positioned above window
CTRL + PAGE up cursor positioned below window
CTRL + TAB Next document window
CTRL + SHIFT + Tab Previous document window
ALT + F6 Next panel window
CTRL + K, CTRL + L cancel remark
CTRL + K, CTRL + C comment on the selected code
CTRL + K, CTRL + U uncomment the selection code
CTRL + M, CTRL + O collapse Code definition
CTRL + M, CTRL + L expand Code Definition
CTRL + DELETE Delete to ending
CTRL + backspace Delete to prefix
SHIFT + TAB to cancel tabs
CTRL + U Turn lowercase
CTRL + SHIFT + U-turn capitalization
CTRL + SHIFT + END selection to end of document
CTRL + SHIFT + Home selection to start at the end of the document
SHIFT + End Select to end of line
SHIFT + Home selection to start at line
SHIFT + ALT + END vertical selection to last tail
SHIFT + ALT + Home Vertical selection to the front
CTRL + SHIFT + PAGE Up Select to the front of this page
CTRL + SHIFT + PAGE DOWN select to the back of this page
CTRL + End document anchored to last
CTRL + Home Document navigates to the front
CTRL + a Select all
CTRL + W Select the current word
CTRL + G go to ...
CTRL + K, CTRL + P previous label
CTRL + K, CTRL + N Next label
ALT + F10 Debug-applycodechanges
CTRL + ALT + BREAK stop debugging
CTRL + SHIFT + F9 Cancel all breakpoints
CTRL + F9 allow interrupts
CTRL + SHIFT + F5 Debug-Start again
F5 Run debugging
CTRL + F5 run without Debugging
F10 Across program execution
F11 stepping through a single step
CTRL + J List Members
CTRL + PAGE down next view
CTRL + B Format-Bold
CTRL + SHIFT + t format-text indent
debugging shortcut keys
F6: Build Solution
CTRL+F6: Build Current project
F7: View Code
Shift+f7: Viewing the form Designer
F5: Start Debugging
Ctrl+f5: Start execution (without debugging)
SHIFT+F5: Stop Debugging
Ctrl+shift+f5: Restart debugging
F9: Toggle Breakpoint
CTRL+F9: Enable/Stop breakpoints
CTRL+SHIFT+F9: Delete all breakpoints
F10: Process-by-step
CTRL+F10: Run to Cursor
F11: Per-statement
Edit shortcut Keys
Shift+alt+enter: Toggle Full Screen editing
Ctrl+b,t/ctrl+k,k: Toggle Bookmark Switch
Ctrl+b,n/ctrl+k,n: Move to Next Bookmark
Ctrl+b,p: Move to previous bookmark
Ctrl+b,c: Clear All labels
Ctrl+i: Incremental Search
Ctrl+shift+i: Reverse Incremental Search
Ctrl+f: Find
Ctrl+shift+f: Finding in Files
F3: Find the next
SHIFT+F3: Find Previous
Ctrl+h: Replace
Ctrl+shift+h: Replace in file
ALT+F12: Find Symbol (List all find results)
Ctrl+shift+v: Clipboard Looping
CTRL + LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys: One word can be moved at a time
CTRL + UP and DOWN ARROW keys: Scrolls the code screen, but does not move the cursor position.
Ctrl+shift+l: Delete When moving forward
Ctrl+m,m: Hides or expands the currently nested collapsed state
CTRL+M,L: Set all procedures to the same hidden or expanded state
Ctrl+m,p: Stopping outline display

Ctrl+g: Go to the specified line
shift+alt+ arrow key: Select Rectangle text
ALT + left mouse button: Select rectangle text
Ctrl+shift+u: All Uppercase
Ctrl+u: All turns lowercase
Code shortcut keys
Ctrl+j/ctrl+k,l: List Members
ctrl+shift+ SPACEBAR/ctrl+k,p: Parameter information
Ctrl+k,i: Quick Info

Ctrl+k,m: Generate Method Stub
Ctrl+k,x: Inserting Code Snippets
Ctrl+k,s: Inserting the outer code
F12: Go to the definition of the called procedure or variable
Window shortcut keys
Ctrl+w,w: Browser window
Ctrl+w,s: Solution Manager
Ctrl+w,c: Class View
Ctrl+w,e: Error List
Ctrl+w,o: Output View
Ctrl+w,p: Properties Window
Ctrl+w,t: Task List
Ctrl+w,x: Toolbox
Ctrl+w,b: Bookmark window
Ctrl+w,u: Document Outline
Ctrl+d,b: Breakpoint Window
Ctrl+d,i: Immediate Window
Ctrl+tab: Active form Toggle
Ctrl+shift+n: New Project
Ctrl+shift+o: Open Project
Ctrl+shift+s: Save All
Shift+alt+c: New Class
Ctrl+shift+a: New Item
Hidden shortcut keys for VS2005
Here I will share some of the shortcut keys that are not explicitly stated in the VS2005, not all shortcuts, or some of the common shortcuts.
1, Ctrl+space directly complete the class or function (originally this is not a hidden shortcut key, but because the Chinese input method to preempt this shortcut, so ... , alternative shortcut keys are alt+right)
2, Shift+delete the whole line to delete, and put this line to the Clipboard (this time cannot select a section of content)
3, Shift+insert Paste, a little strange, Ctrl + V can be, presumably to and shift+delete corresponding bar
4, Ctrl+up,ctrl+down Scroll editor, but try not to move the cursor, the cursor is guaranteed within the visible range
5, ctrl+backspace,ctrl+delete Whole Word Delete, sometimes very useful
6, ctrl+left,ctrl+right by the whole word to move the cursor (not to be hidden, and the previous several added up is the Ctrl Cursor control suite)
7, ALT+SHIFT+F10 Open perform renaming, implement interface and abstract class small window (also can use CTRL +, but some Chinese input method to use this)
8, SHIFT+F9 Debugging is to open the QuickWatch, content is the current cursor where the content
9, F12 jump to the definition, very useful shortcut keys
10. Shift+f12 Find All references

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shortcut keys for C # in VS

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