Should architects write code ?, Architecture should not have code

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Should architects write code ?, Architecture should not have code

It seems that there are several articles about architects should not write code every three minutes. I am a code writer, because I like writing code. However, how to maintain a balance between writing code and other work becomes a problem when the job responsibilities change.
From the perspective of individual efficiency, I personally write code, which has no absolute advantage over many people, and even some people code faster than me.
However, as an architect, participating in code writing will still have little benefits.
In general, qualified programmers can accomplish well for clearly assigned tasks, but in most cases, the term "architecture" means that the architect will not involve too much details, there is always a distance between the architecture diagram and the code implementation. You cannot guarantee that everyone will understand your design correctly or come up with elegant enough solutions when programmers encounter obstacles in writing code.
I have written an article about the bad code before. Most of the bad code is not a design issue for architects. If programmers do not have a good understanding of the design or lack of experience, it often makes something incredible. For example, I have seen a new graduate programmer copy the coupled code to prevent module coupling, or try to write all the logic in a function to "optimize performance.
If you cannot find and correct these problems in time, these problems will become "correct error code" or "not my" code, or something like "I 've seen that code too" that is enough to be put on shame. Is this an architect's responsibility? I think it is.
In my opinion, the architects who write code are more like doing logistical support: they can immediately discover possible problems in the code, give warnings to others, or give suggestions to others for improvement, if necessary, or show others the correct posture.
In most cases, as an architect, I do not need to take over the development of "core modules". After all, the time I can allocate is too fragmented and the efficiency is hard to guarantee, many people focus much better than I do. I only need to maintain a general picture and participate in it appropriately.
In general, the relationship between architects and programmers is somewhat like that between product managers and users. Most programmers do not take the initiative to tell you what they want and where they need optimization, you don't even know this. One of the shortcuts to make a good product is to do the same thing with the user.

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