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The so-called work-related actions must first sharpen the tool, and there is no way to do things without a good tool. I used to want to learn programming languages other than C ++. At that time, I had java and C # to choose, at that time, the consideration of java was highly respected and may be better, but it was difficult in front of the Tool. At that time, the compiler was still in the command line stage, even with the graphic IDE, however, most of them are in English. I am an English speaker, but I can't understand it. Later I chose to learn C #. VS tools are more universal, therefore, I learned C # after successfully completing the chapter. From my experience, we can see that development tools are a very important part. Therefore, before game development, we should first establish a good development environment, so we don't have to talk about it. From now on.

We need: development Tools, Silverlight SDK, Silverlight Tools

Tool selection:

It is certain that Visual Studio is currently available in the Silverlight development environment. Unfortunately, we cannot afford Visual Studio Development Kits. Fortunately, Microsoft takes care of our poor developers, A quick version of VS is short for Visual Studio Express. You can find it at the following address:


This Visual Studio Express can be said to be a simplified version of Visual Studio, without the Enterprise Edition features and some auxiliary tools, but as personal development is completely sufficient, you just need to register after installation, if we don't have high requirements, we should use this tool.

Microsoft Visual maxcompute 2008 Express SP1

Http:// Familyid = 3254C868-BCB9-412C-95C6-D100C872EC60 & displaylang = zh-cn

Other tools

If you think this is not free enough, consider using Eclipse. Why? Great and Powerful open-source developers have developed Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight, you can find it at the following address:



I have never used this tool. Therefore, Visual Studio Express is used for subsequent code and usage. As the Silverlight development environment, you only need Web Developer. install other tools on your own.

The tool has been selected and can be downloaded and installed. How to download and install the tool is skipped using the ellipsis, which is not the focus.

Next we will download the Silverlight SDK. You can find it at

If your E file is not very good, you can find it directly through the following address, but it is not recommended because it is only the address of version 3.0. One day after the update, it is better to go to the official website.

Silverlight 3.0 SDK: Displaylang = zh-cn & FamilyID = 1ea000036-0de7-41b1-81c8-a126ff39975b

Silverlight 3.0 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1: FamilyID = 9442b0f2-7465-440a-88f3-5e7b5409e9dd & DisplayLang = zh-cn

Silverlight 3.0 offline document: FamilyID = 0a9773a7-c854-41fa-b73d-535abfb73baf & DisplayLang = zh-cn

NOTE: If Web Developer is selected, you only need to install Silverlight 3.0 Tools for Visual Studio. It is strongly recommended to download offline documents, which is the door to enabling Silverlight development.

The installation sequence is Web Developer-> Silverlight Tools. If you do not have a good experience, you must have a network to complete the installation. Otherwise, the installation cannot be completed.

You must note that if VS2008 SP1 is installed, you must only install TOOLS. If Microsoft XAML view development tool BLEND is installed, uninstall the SDK and install it, otherwise, the installation will fail.

Now the required environment has been set up. Now you can start Web Developer to create a silverlight project.

Silverlight Hello World :)


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