Silverlight Project Note 5:oracle Archive mode exceptions && Table control bindings button

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Two questions:

(1) Oracle is unable to connect to normal use because the archive log is full, causing an exception, and finally choosing to delete the archive log to normal.

(2) The table binding button using Silverlight comes out of the way, and by working with the collection of data sources, the button action is re-bound as part of the data source collection.

I. Oracle archive mode generates a log file that causes a database exception

Connection database failed, prompt listening error, various check listening configuration file, delete and then add monitoring, no results.

Sqlplus Restart database database is still fruitless, during a number of error prompts encountered:

Ora-01034:oracle Not available

Ora-27101:shared Memory realm does not exist

ORA-03113: End of file for communication channel

ORA-12514 ....

Fortunately later encountered the key hints, a variety of search after the discovery is related to the archive mode, but never used to archive mode, and then one by one, and learned that colleagues soon do backup work set up the archive mode, and then determine the problem in the archive mode this point.

Further verification through the log file is because the archive log is full of problems, the archive log size has reached 3.8G, determine that the log is not needed, choose the quickest way: Delete the archive log, and turn off archive mode.

When you use the Rman command to delete an archived log, the prompt is not fully authorized, and the following actions are related to the command line:

Rman Target/

Delete Archivelog all;

Close the database on the command line before you perform the operation:

Shutdown immediate;

startup Mount; ------Startup Mount Launches the instance, loads the database, but does not open the database

If you turn off archiving mode while the database is running, you also need to close the database again, and then open the database after the setup is complete:

Reference article:

two. Using Silverlight to bring a table control to bind button issues

Use Silverlight to bring the table control bindings button, compile run, output no error, but click button to execute command is not responding.

Work with data sources, reorganize the data you get, add button actions as part of the collection, and after rebinding, the buttons in the table take effect.

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