Simple example code for exporting Word documents and Excel spreadsheets in PHP

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This article is mainly on the PHP export Word document and Excel spreadsheet Simple sample code is introduced, need friends can come over the reference, I hope to help you

To generate the code for Word: The code is as follows: Header ("Content-type:application/octet-stream");  Header ("Accept-ranges:bytes");  Header (' Content-type:application/doc ');   Header (' content-disposition:attachment; filename= ' test. doc '); To generate the code for Excel: The code is as follows: Header ("Content-type:application/octet-stream"); Header ("Accept-ranges:bytes"); Header ("Content-type:application/");   Header ("content-disposition:attachment;filename=" test. xls "'); But the guide process will also encounter a lot of problems, such as export Excel, a column is exported by the ID card, open the Excel file will find that the ID number automatically use scientific notation, in any case modify the column properties, can not achieve their own requirements. Some people on the internet said that the column properties should be changed to text after the input is no problem, the actual operation of Excel is true, but, PHP program export can not do it. Also some people said that in the ID card before adding single quotes, try not to, and finally in the export of identity card data before adding space problems to solve, space is the space of the HTML code. Problem solving.
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