Simple monitoring of zabbix 2.2.0 Vmware ESXI

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Last week, I upgraded the online zabbix version to 2.2.0, which added the simple monitoring of Vmware ESXI. I think it is very good. Next I will talk about my monitoring steps. Reference:


1. In the compilation and installation phase to support vmware monitoring, you need to add -- with-libxml2 and -- with-libcurl in./configure where the previous one was added in 2.2;

2. After the installation is complete, you must specify the 'startvmwarecollector' parameter in the zabbix_server.conf configuration file. Otherwise, zabbix_server will not start vmware-related processes (I will not elaborate on the configuration file if it is explained );

  1. vi /data/soft/zabbix-2.2.0/etc/zabbix_server.conf 
  2. StartVMwareCollectors=5 
  3. VMwareFrequency=60 
  4. VMwareCacheSize=8M 

3. after adding a vmware esxi device to the HOST interface, you must specify three variables: {$ URL}, {$ USERNAME}, and {$ PASSWORD, when debugging the Template Virt VMware Template that comes with the system, the KEY in the Template calls these three variables;

4. when step 3 is successful, not only can the esxi physical host be monitored, you can also automatically discover the host running on the esxi and add it to the monitoring system and load the "Template Virt VMware Guest" Template (the Template can be downloaded below ).


3. Add esxi host monitoring

Set Variables

Associated Template

4. Check that the host has many more metrics.

Automatically discovered monitoring items

This article is from the blog "Xu qiangqiang 1993 ".

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