Simple Optimization of SSD hard drive on Ubuntu

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Simple Optimization of SSD hard drive on Ubuntu

1. Set the correct mounting option and enable TRIM.

After Linux is installed, this is very important.

To maintain long-term stability and speed, SSD needs to enable TRIM, which enables SSD to truly erase the materials marked on the chip during non-peak read/write times. This example is based on the ext4 system. For ext4, after the file is deleted, the system cycle will actually erase the data only when it runs to the sync command. To enable TRIM support, you must edit fstab and add discard to the specified disk mount option. My fstab configuration file is as follows:

UUID = f7d482bf-e210-474a-8d09-1e28c14fbc30/ext4 discard, noatime, nodiratime, errors = remount-ro 0 1

# Swap was on/dev/sda5 during installation

UUID = 3f0fd26a-4cd7-441d-bbe7-8f62a64cdae4 none swap sw 0 0

2. Mount/tmp in tmpfs format

Similarly, add this line to the bottom of the sudo gedit/etc/fstab file.

Tmpfs/tmp tmpfs nodev, nosuid, noexex, mod = 1777 0 0

Restart or do not restart. You can also use sudo mount-o remount/

Then, you can set the cache to/tmp through about: config on Firefox to improve the efficiency of Firefox and reduce SSD read/write.

Added browser. cache. disk. parent_directory.

The value is/tmp.

To check the IP address, enter about: cache.

3. Test the SSD speed.

Sudo hdparm-Tt/dev/sdX

This X is a or B. Check whether your SSD is the first or the second hard disk. My name is sda.

Timing cached reads: x MB in y seconds = z MB/sec this is the read speed, which is related to your SSD's support for SATAII or SATAIII and the speed of DRAM read above.

Timing buffered disk reads: x MB in y seconds = z MB/sec. This is the real SSD read value.

My results are as follows:


Timing cached reads: 7148 MB in 2.00 seconds = 3576.12 MB/sec

Timing buffered disk reads: 1298 MB in 3.00 seconds = 432.40 MB/sec

For more information about Ubuntu, see Ubuntu special page Tid = 2

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