Simultaneous installation of Ethereum wallet and mist shared chunk data and transfer of Ethereum Geth from C-drive to other disks

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1): Ethereum wallet and mist download link:

2): Extract two files to your own desired hard drive, I am the D drive

3): Locate the file directory under the Ethereum Wallet.exe, double-click Run;

4): After running start synchronizing data, close Ethereum Wallet.exe,

Copy the following link and enter the folder address bar to open the following folder.


This path is the directory where the chunk data is stored.

5): Left-click Roaming to locate the Ethereum folder.

6): Cut the Ethereum folder under the C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\ folder to the target disk you want to move to,

My is the F disk, at this time will produce path F:\Ethereum;

At this time, the C-plate of the Ethereum moved to the F-disk;

C disk At this time do not save Ethereum folder, and F disk exists Ethereum folder;

These are the preparations for establishing a hard link.

7): Start the hard link now: After completing the above preparation, open a command prompt and copy the following command

mklink/j C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum F:\Ethereum

In the Command Prompt window, click the right mouse button, and then click "Paste", paste as above command, press ENTER;

The Red box section is the result of the command run, indicating that the hard link has been established and the chunk directory has been successfully moved to the F drive.

8): Rerun Ethereum Wallet.exe, start synchronizing the data, and observe if the downloaded chunk data has been moved to the F drive.

If the ethereum on the F-plate begins to grow, the move is successful.

Then, close.

The following is a method for sharing chunk data

9): Now run our download good, and unzip the Mist.exe, I was placed on the D drive, so the path is as follows:

D:\360 Secure Browser Download \mist-win64-0-9-3\win-unpacked

Waiting for Mist.exe to run, it will automatically start to build the filesystem, and download the necessary tools for synchronizing chunks, we just need to wait on the line.

10): When it appears the following interface, it means that it is ready to synchronize the data required tools, then close it;

11): Then, again, in the C-drive directory, locate it.


12): The above steps are for the production of file catalogs, and now the preparation of common block data is started:

Find it first.

C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum Wallet

Note that this is the folder that is automatically generated in the C drive after running the package inside the D drive, not the run program of the D drive.

13): Find again

C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum wallet\binaries\geth\unpacked

Compress the GETH-WINDOWS-AMD64-1.7.2-1DB4ECDC folder under this directory, and then copy it.

14): Then find


Directory under GETH-WINDOWS-AMD64-1.7.2-1DB4ECDC, compress it back up, and then delete it.

15): After doing the above preparatory work, the

C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum wallet\binaries\geth\unpacked

GETH-WINDOWS-AMD64-1.7.2-1DB4ECDC extracted from the path and replaced by the copy


GETH-WINDOWS-AMD64-1.7.2-1DB4ECDC in the Catalog

This completes the sharing of chunk data.

16): I measured the result is,

(1), if the Ethereum Wallet.exe is not running and the Mist.exe is opened directly, Mist.exe will synchronize the chunk data from the beginning.

(2), if, first run Ethereum Wallet.exe, and then open Mist.exe, then the Mist.exe will be able to start, no longer to synchronize the chunk data.

I do not know why the above problems arise, we can discuss the best together.

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