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The address of this resource is "Submit.
This Web Service has only one method, that is, string sendXml (carrier, userid, password, mobilenumber, content, msgtype ). All parameters are of the string type. Their meanings are as follows (which may be incorrect ).
Carrier: carrier name. You can enter the carrier name at will, but it does not seem to show any details.
Userid: The phone ID you registered on Sina wireless, that is, the
Password: the password used when you register your mobile phone on Sina wireless.
Mobilenumber: the mobile phone number of the other party;
Content: The content of the short message;
Msgtype: the type of short message to be sent. I estimate that MMS is supported. However, currently, I only use Text messages. It seems that I can enter anything. I use Text ".
Sina. SMSWS ws = new Sina. SMSWS ();
String result = ws. sendXml ("Sina", textBox1.Text, textBox2.Text, textBox3.Text, textBox4.Text, "new ");

For more information about the billing standard, see the description on the Sina wireless website. It may be a dime, but it may also be a two-way license. Because the background may use the message queue mechanism, there may be several seconds of delay during busy hours.

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