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Concerning the small issues of SOAP, the company's project cooperates with a third party. The third party provides the SOAP request address, request data format, and returned data format (SOAP ).
How can I use PHP to send a SOAP request and receive data returned by a third party.

The client uses php to write a demo.

Can I send a request using fsockopen?
Or use SoapClient ()?

Third-party servers are written in. NET.
The third party provides SOPA specifications and URLs.

Reply to discussion (solution)

Php provides the SoapClient class to meet your needs.
Code compilation needs to be analyzed from the WSDL. if the other party does not provide the WSDL, there must be detailed call instructions.

The third party does not provide the WSDL, but only provides a SOAP standard document and the URL of the client request server.

No detailed call instructions are provided.
A demo is provided, but it is. NET. I am so confused about. NET.
I want to write it in PHP.

Something is for you, not for me
How do I know that?

Documentation provided for a third party. in the figure, only the registration required documents are provided.

The third party also provides the requested URL:
URL1 = " ";
URL2 = " ";
URL3 = " ";

The third party does not provide WSDL, but only provides a SOAP standard document and the URL requested by the client.
The provided DEMO is. NET.
I don't know how to write a PHP DEMO.

For example:
$ This-> client = new SoapClient ("http: // localhost: 8080/HelloWorldService? Wsdl ", $ data)
However, the other party does not provide the WSDL.

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