Small white 5 years struggle history-how to become the annual salary 50w Linux operations engineer

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---lecturer: Li Xuming
----Big company, nothing, no passion. -Lufax, start-up company, Ping an shares. More conservative,-hungry?
Learning and excellent, China has a meaning of the situation is that a field is done, will do management.
PPT is made in November, and now finally feel some improvement, not so failure. Change is to learn to separate things for others to do, programming language: Python,java,sql,go. Go is used to compile the agent. Operation and Maintenance two things: 1 set standards . 2 resource allocation. Development direction: 1. Senior operation and maintenance direction. 2. Enough road to go to the architect. PHP is the best language. ---database administrator (db Administrator, DBA), is a general term for staff involved in the management and maintenance of the database management system (DBMS), a branch of the operations engineer, primarily responsible for the business database from design, Test to the full lifecycle management of the deployment delivery.
Shanghai operation and maintenance development is very short, 15k. Marco (Leo Ma) Course Content Mastery 80% can be 300,000 annual salary. Go is as easy as python. The hardest thing to learn is C + + and. "A Concise Python tutorial," A week to learn, suggest "in-depth python" beginner, "Python cookbook" Case and Skills. It is recommended to learn python3 directly. Web direction: Python,java,jsp,ruby. Domestic or Java mainstream. Docker is a fire dimension, big Data ops or Hadoop.


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Small white 5 years struggle history-how to become the annual salary 50w Linux operations engineer

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