Soccer with Oracle Series (4): From Brazil fiasco in Germany, think of the difference in RAC topology comparison!

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Soccer with Oracle Series (4): From Brazil fiasco in Germany, think of the difference in RAC topology comparison!


Originally wanted to say tonight, back to think, it should be the second semi-finals this morning will be war! First to reflect on the previous game, the first of the 8 teams have all been promoted to the eight, but also show the technical effectiveness of the eight processes (haha, note: Oracle There is no major process of the said, the reason that a process is more important, are in certain circumstances artificially defined), perhaps a coincidence, The process continues to swim in Oracle's world of football. Let's take a look back:


The next step is to start with the tragic 1:7, which is a great disgrace for Brazil, a new history of the World Cup, and this is happening in the semi-finals. In the case of a RAC cluster in Oracle, the primary role of RAC is high availability: fault tolerance and load balancing, but a set of imperfect architectures will also ruin everything, like Brazil, and it's unclear what makes your power so fragile. Even with a highly available environment, there is no guarantee that the real implementation is highly available.

RAC in Brazil

Throughout the game:

The failure of the Talk:

1. Defence: Fibre Switch

Performance: Silva's absence, Brazil's defensive apparent emptiness, the Germans and even from the middle of the road to penetrate Brazil's line of defense, which has exposed the shortcomings of the Brazilian central defender. Brazil's defense is Yimapingchuan by the Germans, which is too exaggerated, it seems that only one fiber switch is absolutely impossible, once a hang off, the RAC cluster is hung up.

2, Front: Node 1: Front

Performance: Neymar, for the five-star Brazil has a great impact, Node 1 hung off, only the node 2 alone to undertake business, in a moment finally node 2 can not carry, the weak front, the collapse of the midfield, everything is indicative of the RAC load balance at this moment-waste.

3. Manager: RAC HeartbeatPerformance: Brazil's defeat, as the manager of the Scolari is hard to blame. Even the top teams such as Brazil, after Neymar one injured and then collapsed, enough to prove that the Scolari of the election is indeed a problem, lost the two core of the Samba regiment is just a loose sand, why not try other strikers, just a chicken-like Fred. The Brazilian coach group, with Scolari and Pereira's two champions, lost all of his fame. To see this cluster of heartbeat mechanism, the allocation of IP is completely chaotic, do not know where to allocate a single IP, where the allocation of two IP. Where the RAC's heartbeat went, it was as if the striker was out of sync with the midfield and a node hung up, and it was time for the coach to react. There seems to be little reaction. Vote disk do not know what to do, do not know which line at the top of the focus, this a "brain crack" appeared, just believed plaintiff Fred, eventually "Amnesia" also appeared, stay in the past configuration, eh ah ...

4. Goalkeeper: Shared disk

Performance: Although the heart struggling to save, difficult enemy vulnerable to the defensive so weak (fiber switch hung, eh), coupled with the German tide-like offensive (this disk read and write efficiency, no defensive coordination band, really powerless back to heaven).


RAC, Germany

Throughout the game:

Victory Talk:

1. Goalkeeper: Storage display RAID10

Performance: The goalkeeper's strong, defensive strong support, created this defensive solid German chariot. Storage arrays: RAID10 technology.

The RAID1 0 is the RAID0+RAID1, which realizes high-performance stripe and highly redundant mirroring. Neuer, Germany is a true God, mirror technology is the guarantee of data. Coupled with the defense of the collaboration, Hummels and other people to create the German rear of the high performance, this is a team, not a person in the fight.

2. Midfield + Defender: Fibre switch High availability

Performance: Two fiber switches, which is the guarantee of security and high performance. Obviously the Germans understand this, the back and the midfield in series, retreat can be kept, into the offensive. Fiber switches are fault-tolerant and highly available.

3, forward + midfield: Multi-node High availability

Performance: three-node Fei Qi, the real sense of high availability, business pressure can also be a large number of co-operation to share, to achieve load balancing.

4. Coach: RAC Heartbeat

Performance: IP heartbeat response to each other, to ensure that each node synchronization.

Under such a lineup, even if the emergence of "brain crack", "amnesia" we do not have to fear.


This is not a technical document, since a few strokes of Oracle's simple moves, can not endure in front of people show off a few. Pure for the gossip and a few friends of the gag, only for easy with a hint of humor, it technology can also be used to ridicule, but also pretty intriguing.

At the same time in recent months, Oracle knowledge points forgotten a lot, in order to bring back the knowledge point, a bit of inspiration at first glance, in a free form to release it, because I learned not fine, the examples or stories cited in the text, which will inevitably have a far-fetched with technical links, hope everyone haihan. Only a small rookie of the notes, do not take this as a technical article Oh, Pro! I've seen and laughed, just fine.

Welcome to shoot Bricks, this will be the biggest driving force for my growth.

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