[Software Development] a php integrated development environment mamp and macmamp under mac OS X is recommended.

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[Software Development] a php integrated development environment mamp and macmamp under mac OS X is recommended.
We recommend an integrated environment Installation Software for building a WEB server environment on mac. It is very easy to use and can be used by anyone who needs it. Thank you!

Previously, it was hard to build a local server on a mac. I haven't found a local server environment like windows integrated for a long time, suchphpstudy,xampp,appservAlthough xampp also has a mac version, I do not know why Apache cannot be started (it is estimated that the port is occupied), that is, MySql is faulty and always unsatisfactory.


Now we finally find the best local server software on Mac, one-click InstallationApache、MySQL、PHP、PostfixSuch as server software, which is simple and convenient, and can centrally manage and adjust the running environment. It supports PHP multi-version switching, Imagemagick graphics processing tools, Dynamic DNS, virtual servers, phpMyAdmin, and other tools, it also supports one-click installation of open-source applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. It is very powerful and a must-have software for programmers!

mampThese initials represent Apple'sosxOn the Systemmacintosh、apache、mysqlAndphp


Default port: 8888

Mamp Official Website: http://www.mamp.info/en/downloads/

: Http://soft.macx.cn/4019.htm

Registration Code: 4A9D-E225-E267-FD9F0 (available for test)

On the official website, the pro version is priced at about $59, which is about RMB 360.]

Software Interface:


Tutorials used after installation


OS X server

Mac OS X ServerIs an officially developed server software tool set by Apple. It can quickly turn our Mac computer into a multi-functional server, such as a file sharing server, Xcode server,WWWWebsite server,Time MachineAddress book server, email server, etc. The latest version 4.0 perfectly supports OS X 10.10YosemiteSystem, and only supportsYosemite, Easy to use, and powerful, very good!

OS X Server 4.0 Developer PrevieDevelopment version, updated at 06.04 local time in the United States. Designed for OS 10.10, it must be upgraded to OS 10.10 or about Sili. If you have not upgradedOS X 10.10For the beta version, download the old version.

Old Version Download: http://www.0daydown.com/05/65220.html

Mac OS X User Guide: http://www.apple.com/cn/osx/server/servers-made-easy/

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