Software development of ant-Media sharing tissue machine

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Ant-Media sharing tissue machine system development find Xiaoran l58.l24.437.46 micro L Electric ant-Media share tissue machine software development, ant-Media sharing tissue machine system source development, ant-Media sharing tissue machine mode development

What is a shared tissue machine?


Secondly, the sharing of paper towels is not selling paper towels, but the delivery of paper towels!

Users through the sweep code at least a day free of age a pack of paper towels, free credits can also be purchased after use, the price is much cheaper than the store.

In addition, shared paper towels have been laid out in a number of public areas, stations, schools, scenic spots and other scenes, fan traffic source is very wide.

Public welfare tissue machine as a good project model, has attracted the traditional paper towel machine manufacturers into this line.

Second, ant-Media sharing tissue machine to promote the advantages of:

A: Must have just needed supplies.

Second: Easy to promote, easy to spread, simple and easy to copy.

Three: Can save a lot of paper cost for various entity merchants.

Four: can be counted every month to your store of people traffic.

Five: The monthly home napkin used permanently, but also save money.

Six: Small investment in high-return continuous pipeline revenue, every day months and months of income.

Seven: You can continue to drain the customer every day, so that your people flow increased

Third, ant-Media share tissue machine benefits:

Software development of ant-Media sharing tissue machine

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