Sohu's "Stealing" group fashion from Media Alliance is getting closer and closer to money

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The self-media strategy of the Sohu news client is not idle. Here, the "search fresh notes" from the Media Alliance is in full swing, and the fashion self-Media Alliance is quietly established, compared with the high profile when the food and goods Media Alliance was launched, this fashion media alliance is relatively low-key, but Sohu has high hopes for realizing the fashion media.

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The success of the Sohu news client food and goods self-Media Alliance prompted Sohu to confirm the feasibility of the Self-media commercialization strategy. With the help of the food and goods self-Media Alliance for reference, it is handy to establish a fashion self-Media Alliance. Fashion is not as popular as food, so the establishment of The Sohu news client fashion from the Media Alliance is not as high-profile as the food from the Media Alliance, but because of the strong characteristics of Fashion fans, its monetization capability is even more prominent.

Fashion itself is a "special" hobby of a group of people who are willing to show themselves and who are interested in it. It is represented by white-collar workers, ladies, and other female and male, the biggest feature of these groups is that they follow the trend, have a strong desire to display, and have a strong consumption ability. Therefore, fashion is a market closer to money, the main reason for choosing fashion.

To pay attention to traffic, sports, finance, entertainment, military, and other fields have a higher degree of attention. However, these fields are generally far away from money, and the realization is far from the end, from the food from the Media Alliance to the fashion from the Media Alliance, Sohu news client from the Media Development line is getting closer and closer.

In fact, there are a large number of domestic fashion magazines, websites and other media, and there is no first-hand fashion information at all. However, the characteristics of traditional fashion media are too popular, mainly relying on the editors' aesthetics, following the fashion trend is no longer in line with the development trend of the Self-media era. When 80 and 90 become the subjects of fashion, personalization is the core focus, which is the Development Basis of fashion self-media.

The features of Self-media are civilian, personalized, and scientific, with low threshold, simple operation, convenient issuance, strong interaction, fast dissemination, and direct arrival of users. They are also applicable in the fashion and self-media fields, in addition, these features will promote consumption conversion. Traditional fashion media focuses more on the general characteristics, while fashion self-media is more in line with the characteristics of "fan economy.

Before attracting the attention of colleagues, Sohu quietly took the lead in setting up the fashion and self-Media Alliance. It has been around for a while. Currently, Sohu has more than 1000 Members in the Sohu news client fashion and self-Media Alliance, including: makeup, skin care, matching, jewelry, watches, luxury goods, fitness, beauty, body, male, female, and more than 20 categories, among them, there are some famous emotional writers SU Qin, the urban female spokesperson, and the goddess of the Hong Kong constellation experts after 90, who have been hailed as the mother of the most beautiful yoga goddess in Asia, as well as the modern housewives who lead flight attendants to the era of Self-media, and many other online celebrities.

The concept of self-media is becoming more and more popular. talents in the fashion field also hope that the secondary industry can be used as the self-media. Sohu is only responsible for providing the platform while enhancing its influence, the final process of "self-propagation and self-Business" has to rely on fashion to reach people's real skills.

However, Sohu may not be satisfied with only self-media platforms. It is its true ambition to go deep into the self-media platform industry chain. Taking Sohu food and goods from the Media Alliance as an example, a large number of food critics will first become Sohu's self-media and then participate in Sohu's activities, with the help of the content and influence of these media people, Sohu links sellers and users, and forms a stable content business ecosystem, the way it is realized will follow.

Sohu fashion self-media is also a similar development path. First, it circles the media, then the target users, and finally the business owners. A new fashion media industry chain is complete. This may be the case. Sohu has another plan for fashion media.

After gathering a large number of fashion self-media, Sohu is planning to build a brand mask in the name of the fashion self-Media Alliance, which was initiated by Lu Miao, a senior cosmetics examiner and a beauty self-media artist, at the same time, each media Member of the fashion media alliance is invited to participate in product R & D, production, packaging, publicity, promotion, and sales. Each media member becomes a product maker, at the same time, it bears the burden of communication, output, customer service, after-sales and other channels.

Cosmetics industry insiders understand the characteristics of mask products, which are simple in production, large in sales, and high in gross profit. However, Sohu first supported self-media, relying on self-media-derived beauty products to form a self-media beauty brand strategy, it is already within the reach of the beauty industry chain. Domestic beauty manufacturers are well-equipped and lacking in brand capabilities. Sohu is willing to bypass the media Brand when e-commerce brands become increasingly difficult, and the manufacturers have no reason to refuse. Sohu's fashion self-media mask is a new exploration of monetization. It is hard to say whether it can be normalized. But it can be seen that Sohu's self-Media Development is moving closer and closer to money.

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Sohu's "Stealing" group fashion from Media Alliance is getting closer and closer to money

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