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A few days ago, I purchased a Domain Name and space in godaddy and made a face washing machine website. as instructed by the operation, I automatically installed the wordpress program online, but then I encountered problems, it saves three minutes of trouble and requires three hours. After installation, the front-end displays normally, but there is no "Link" option in the background, that is, the setting menu for setting a friendly link for your website ,:


Based on my previous experience, I first thought that the wordpress theme is incorrect. Some themes cannot be customized or have no gadgets. Will there be no link options? I changed a topic, but the problem was not solved. The "Link" option in the background menu still does not exist.

After that, I suspected that the wordpress online installation program had a problem, and I downloaded a wordpress program, which is 3.5.1 of the latest Chinese version, and godaddy automatically installed the English version, I am familiar with the background because I use many wordpress products and do not care about whether it is English or not. I will change the Chinese version this time. After downloading it on the official website, upload it to the space and decompress it to overwrite it, intuition tells me that the problem can be solved. However, it turns out that I am again wrong, the problem still exists, and there is still no "Link" option in the background.

If you cannot solve the problem, you can ask du Niang. I searched Baidu and Google for related questions, but there was no answer! There are no similar cases. Have you ever encountered such a problem before? Changing the theme template and wordpress program has no effect. I have not found a solution on the internet, and I have not received any questions from some forums. At this point, I started to feel a little flustered.

After that, I changed the program to a lower version. I tried it in versions 3.4 and 3.3, but it still didn't work. How did I solve the problem at last? Okay, I won't sell it to anyone. In order to test whether the space is faulty, I tested the same topic and program locally and found that everything was normal and there was a link option. I opened the connection option and copied the address. http: // domain name/wp-admin/link-manager.php



Paste it to the back of the website domain name and click "enter". A prompt box is displayed, as shown in:

If you are looking for a link manager, install the "link manager" plug-in.



In fact, the problem is simply solved. Click the Link Manager plug-in, install a Link Manager, and click Enable Plug-in. OK. The problem is solved. This article aims to illustrate this problem, in fact, there may be new progress in case of any trouble. The problem of incomplete background menu display can be solved in this way. I hope it will be helpful to you, I also hope that you can leave a link for me during reprinting.

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