Solution to 500 error on the homepage after Discuz X2 is installed

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The latest version of Discuz X2 was released, with a local domain name in your hometown. So I wanted to create a local portal !!


Therefore, the new Discuz X2 version is installed under iis7.0 of the newly configured windows2008 r2. The new version of the installation package BGK version is downloaded directly using IE without the download tool on the home page.




The next step is to configure some parsing and file permissions, which are basically step-by-step, and the installation is smooth. After you fill in the database, it is best to go directly to the next step to show that the installation is complete, however, a problem occurs when you go to the homepage in the next step,


The page you visited cannot be displayed. webpage 500 error,




Server Error








HTTP Error 500-internal server error.

Description: The resource you want to search for has a problem and cannot be displayed.







Server version: Internet Information Service 7.0.





I have installed Discuz1.5 before. This is a strange phenomenon. So I checked a lot of information and found the solution for Discuz X2 to install the 500 error on the homepage.


The 500 error on the home page does not affect subsequent logon. You can modify it according to the online tutorial !!



1. After the installation is complete, access http: // your domain name/admin. php directly.

2. After Entering the background management, click global> domain name Settings> application domain name. Then, select one of them as the website homepage and enter the domain name (www. your domain name. com) and root domain (your domain name. com), click Submit to update the cache


After the operation is complete, go to the website again and solve the 500 error. Access is normal.


The specific reason is unclear. Still exploring




After solving this problem, I found that the website Error 500 always occurred when posting during the testing process. However, I refresh the page and sent the post to search for information with this problem, I almost searched for the entire Discuz forum and did not find a solution. At first I thought it was a permission problem. I set it wrong for a long time. I still looked like it was the same. I finally reinstalled Discuz X2, but it still didn't work, I have tried almost all of them, and finally I found my gratitude for the outdated ID in an outdated post: qingcloud server security


The method is as follows:


If the virtual host requires the iis permission on the server, log on to the Remote Desktop


Problem: when the latest version of DZ X1.5 is running in third-party FastCgi mode on the IIS7 System of WIN2008, a 500 server error occurs. The detailed error code is 0x8007000d and the dynamic profile picture of the UC center does not show static normal!



Solution: In the handler ing on the site function interface, double-click PHP-FastCgi to open the property and change FastCgiModule to isapiModule,


Then, change php-cgi.exe to php5isapi. dll, and click OK. Then, try again and the site will all be normal,


Then, change php5isapi.dllback to php-cgi.exe, and test the site again!

From: Shao Long's blog

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