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Comments: Today, I downloaded a game from the software park. After the game was installed, I found that's gradually hidden advertisement appeared during google search. It was originally a problem with the junk software, large software websites in China also provide advertisements with plug-ins. Sometimes, when you open a Google search URL (for example, Kaka speed test), a implicit advertisement will appear, as shown below:

At first glance, I thought it was a virus. This advertisement is displayed every time you refresh the search URL.

Analyze why this advertisement appears, starting with the website. The url I posted at the beginning of the article is as follows:

Http:// Q = & client = pub-7137378425612200

In fact, it is specially constructed for the sake of simplicity. In fact, there are more than two parameters, sometimes with as many as six and seven parameters.

In the above URL, when we remove "client = pub-3745028745498678", the advertisement will no longer appear.

What does "client = pub-..." mean? Why does Google determine whether there is a advertisement based on this parameter?

With this question, I searched and found some relevant information.
First, we need to know, "pub -...... ", this is the account of a Google adsense member, so we initially determined that the search with this string of characters may be related to the interests of this Member. I can see the following content from a blog:

... You may have noticed that yourFirefox recommendations with Google Toolbar. This is caused by a problem that our engineers have now solved; but sorry, we cannot trace and show this revenue. However, based on your previousFirefox recommendations with Google ToolbarConvert to estimate the daily income and compensate for the loss...

Another blog post says:

Google search box, which exists in IE7, has never worked well on my computer. Although I don't use IE very much, I am used to the toolbar search box and occasionally use it. Only the following page is displayed, so I always feel uncomfortable.

Your client does not have permission to get URL/search? Client = pub-1615228311385724 & q = google from this server. (Client IP address: xxx. xxx)

We cannot handle your request. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Google did not find a detailed solution, but it seems that the problem lies in client = pub-1615228311385724. Google has closed this advertisement ID because it seems that the toolbar search box of too many people has become the source of his income.

Now, we can conclude that when Google Adsense is used for Firefox search with the Google Toolbar, "pub -...... "This string will show's implicit ads.

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