Solution to php-fpm.service not found, 302found

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Solution to php-fpm.service not found, 302found


This article gives you a detailed introduction to solve the problem of php-fpm.service not found related content, the introduction of the article is very detailed, Next let's take a look at the detailed introduction:

Environment Introduction

Environment: ubuntu 16.04 64

Php version: php-7.1.4

Problems Found

Compile and install php normally.init.d.php-fpm Copy to/etc/init. d/php-fpm

Then prepare to executeservice php-fpm start An error occurred.

The error is as follows:

Failed to start php-fpm.service: Unit php-fpm.service not found. 

Promptphp-fpm.service not found

At first, I thought it was a php compilation and installation problem, so I directly went to the php Directory to execute php-fpm, everything works.

However, services cannot be managed.

Directly view the php-fpm management script, try debugging, and finally find the executionservice The script is not executed at all.

Basic troubleshooting of php Problems


Finally, I found it.service Command Information, find the solution

In ubuntu 16.04, in addition to copying files to the/etc/init. d/directory, you also need to use the following command

Update-rc.d php-fpm defaults // Add update-rc.d ServiceName defaults // Delete update-rc.d ServiceName remove

After the solution, we found that php-fpm was run separately.service Running Problems

[05-May-2017 17:09:32] ERROR: An another FPM instance seems to already listen on /run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock[05-May-2017 17:09:32] ERROR: FPM initialization failed

The prompt is that we already have a php-fpm running. Because I ran it in sock mode, I didn't find the pid. I checked the php-fpm management script code and found a solution.

stop)  echo -n "Gracefully shutting down php-fpm " if [ ! -r $php_fpm_PID ] ; then  echo "warning, no pid file found - php-fpm is not running ?"  exit 1 fi kill -QUIT `cat $php_fpm_PID` wait_for_pid removed $php_fpm_PID if [ -n "$try" ] ; then  echo " failed. Use force-quit"  exit 1 else  echo " done" fi ;;

Direct execution

Kill-QUIT 'cat php_fpm_PID Path'


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