Solution to the Cannot send session cache limiter problem in php

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When I was using php sessions today, I encountered a problem that could not be solved before. The following prompt appears on the page:

Warning: session_start () [function. session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter-headers already sent (output started at E: \ php \ code \ admin. php: 1) in E: \ php \ code \ logolist \ adminlogo. php on line 2

I searched the internet and some people said that it was because there were other html code before the session_start (); statement, but my session_start (); was already in the front.
Another reason is that the session save path is not set. You need to modify the session. save_path = "C:/phpsession" in php. ini [the path behind the php. ini file is set by yourself, and the path must exist. The php. ini file should generally be located under the System Disk/Windows Directory]

However, this prompt is displayed after I make the above settings. After repeated tests, the problem was finally solved.
Modify session. auto_start = 0 in php. ini to session. auto_start = 1.

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