Solve the decimal problem in the calculation time difference in C #

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StartTime = DateTime. Now;
SlExecutedTime. Text = (DateTime. Now-startTime). ToString ();
Execution result:
Executed: 00: 00: 03.1234434 (there will be more decimals later)
Expected execution result:
Executed: 00: 00: 03


Solution 1 (recommended ):

TimeSpan attributes:

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: related attributes and functions
Add: adds the value to another TimeSpan value.
Days: returns the TimeSpan value calculated by the number of Days.
Duration: gets the absolute value of TimeSpan.
Hours: returns the hourly TimeSpan value.
Milliseconds: returns the TimeSpan value in Milliseconds.
Minutes: returns the TimeSpan value calculated in Minutes.
Negate: returns the opposite number of the current instance.
Seconds: returns the TimeSpan value calculated in Seconds.
Subtract: Subtract another TimeSpan value from it.
Ticks: the number of tick values returned for TimeSpan.
TotalDays: returns the number of days indicated by the TimeSpan value.
TotalHours: returns the number of hours represented by the TimeSpan value.
TotalMilliseconds: the number of milliseconds in which the TimeSpan value is returned.
TotalMinutes: returns the number of minutes represented by the TimeSpan value.
TotalSeconds: returns the number of seconds represented by the TimeSpan value.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // <summary>
/// Test the program execution time
/// </Summary>
/// <Param name = "dateBegin"> Start time </param>
/// <Param name = "dateEnd"> end time </param>
/// <Returns> return (seconds), for example, 0.00239 seconds </returns>
Public static string ExecDateDiff (DateTime dateBegin, DateTime dateEnd)
TimeSpan ts1 = new TimeSpan (dateBegin. Ticks );
TimeSpan ts2 = new TimeSpan (dateEnd. Ticks );
TimeSpan ts3 = ts1.Subtract (ts2). Duration ();
// The format you want to convert
Return ts3.TotalMilliseconds. ToString ();

This is the most basic and the result is the number of milliseconds.
If you only need your format, you can simply take the first 10 digits.

Ts3.ToString ("g") 0:00:07. 171
Ts3.ToString ("c") 00:00:07. 1710000
Ts3.ToString (& quot; G & quot;) 0: 00: 00: 07.1710000
There are three formats to choose from. It is recommended that you use the truncation method if you need one.
For example

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: ts3.ToString ("g"). Substring () 0:00:07. 1
Ts3.ToString ("c"). Substring () 00:00:07
Ts3.ToString ("G"). Substring () 0:00:00

Solution 2: complicated

Copy codeCode: # region return time difference
Public static string DateDiff (DateTime DateTime1, DateTime DateTime2)
String dateDiff = null;
TimeSpan ts1 = new TimeSpan (DateTime1.Ticks );
TimeSpan ts2 = new TimeSpan (DateTime2.Ticks );
TimeSpan ts = ts1.Subtract (ts2). Duration ();
String hours = ts. Hours. ToString (), minutes = ts. Minutes. ToString (), seconds = ts. Seconds. ToString ();
If (ts. Hours <10)
Hours = "0" + ts. Hours. ToString ();
If (ts. Minutes <10)
Minutes = "0" + ts. Minutes. ToString ();
If (ts. Seconds <10)
Seconds = "0" + ts. Seconds. ToString ();
DateDiff = hours + ":" + minutes + ":" + seconds;

Return dateDiff;
# Endregion


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