Solved ASP Component-less upload error (File Uploaded more than 0104 KB): Request object error 'asp 80004005: 8080' no operation allowed

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2003 server symptoms: When uploading files to Windows 2003 server + IIS 6.0 server, the following error occurs: The request object error 'asp 0104: 66661' is disabled/Upload. asp, line 40 cause: IIS6.0 prohibits uploading files larger than kb. therefore, you need to modify the default settings of IIS. technical Background in IIS 6.0, the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed attribute specifies the maximum number of bytes that an ASP Request can use. if the request Length contained in the Content-Length header exceeds the value of AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed, IIS returns a 403 error message. this attribute value is similar to MaxRequestEntityAllowed, but is for ASP requests. if you know that your ASP application only needs to process a small amount of request data, you can set the global MaxRequestEntityAllowed attribute at the World Wide Web Hing Service (WWW Publishing Service) level to 1 MB, set AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed to a smaller value. solution: Open metabase in C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Inetsrv. XML, and modify AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed for the value you need (for example, 51200000, 50 MB ). note: If the IIS service is not stopped before editing the file, the modified file cannot be saved. If you want to modify the configuration file When iis is running, open the iis manager, open the internet Information Service Properties panel and select "allow you to edit the configuration database directly and allow you to edit the configuration file of the iis configuration database when iis is running"
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