Some questions and answers to questions that Java may ask

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Question one: What do you want the work environment to be like?

Standard answer: I am not demanding on the environment, I will try to adapt to the environment.

Note: This is a question of whether you are testing your job search mentality, whether you are centered on yourself or on the job.

Question two: What shortcomings do you think you have?

Standard answer: Say some of the small shortcomings of this position, or say that their "shortcomings" is no work experience.

Note: This problem is very sinister, let you say the shortcomings, save them laborious interview, we must not be fooled, really count their shortcomings.

Question three: Ask some embarrassing questions, such as: How did you get so bad grades in your professional courses? Why hasn't your English been six levels yet?

Standard answer: Play it by ear ... The excuses for these problems should be well thought out beforehand.

Note: The purpose of this issue is to detect the responsiveness of job seekers, and does not mean that the other person is really concerned about these embarrassing issues.

Question four: When interviewing the examiner casually between you: "Talk about your own situation?" ”

This is the first question in an interview. At this point, you should stabilize all the tense emotions that have preceded you. Because of this problem, the candidate has been fully prepared, and have enough confidence and courage to believe that they can answer the question.

Some questions and answers to questions that Java may ask

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