Special characters in C #

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Special Character c #
C # Language specifications- characters
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A character represents a single character, usually composed of one character placed in quotation marks, such as 'A '.

Character-literal :( character :)
'Character' ('characters ')
Character :( character :)
Single-character (single character)
Simple-escape-sequence (simple escape sequence)
Hexadecimal-escape-sequence (hexadecimal escape sequence)
Unicode-escape-sequence (unicode escape sequence)
Single-character :( single character :)
Any character except '(U + 0027),/(U + 005C), and linefeed
Simple-escape-sequence: one of (simple escape sequence: one of the following)
/'/"// 0/a/B/f/n/r/t/v
Hexadecimal-escape-sequence :( hexadecimal escape sequence :)
/X hex-digit hex-digitopt (/x hexadecimal number optional)
The character followed by the backslash (/) must be one of the following: ', ",/, 0, a, B, f, n, r, t, u, U, x, v. Otherwise, a compilation error occurs.

The hexadecimal escape sequence represents a single Unicode character. Its value consists of "/x" followed by a hexadecimal number.

If the value of a character is greater than U + FFFF, a compile-time error occurs.

The Unicode Character escape sequence (Section 2.4.1) must be in the range of U + 0000 to U + FFFF.

A simple escape sequence represents a Unicode character encoding. See the following table.

Escape Sequence character name Unicode encoding
Single quotes 0x0027

Double quotation marks 0x0022

Backslash 0x005C

Null 0x0000

Alert 0x0007

Returns 0x0008

Page feed 0x000C

Linefeed 0x000A

Enter 0x000D

Horizontal tab 0x0009

Vertical tab 0x000B

The "character" type is char.

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