Spotlight monitors Linux servers and spotlight monitors linux

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Spotlight monitors Linux servers and spotlight monitors linux

1. Install Spotlight on Unix

: Http://

Installation By dummies

2. Configure spotlight login users. By default, spotlight cannot be connected by the root user. You must create a user with the root permission.

(1) useradd spotlight (2) passwd spotlight; (3) vim/etc/passwd (4) change the UID and GID of spotlight to 0: 0

3. Check whether sysstat is installed in Linux.

(1) check whether the sysstat package is installed: rpm-q sysstat;

(2) If no, install: rpm-ivh sysstat.

4. system

The system information includes the Linux version, system running time, and current time.

5. Network

Including connections and bandwidth

6. CPU

The user uses the cpu, the system uses the cpu, and the remaining cpu;

It also includes process queues.

7. Memory

Memory conditions include the usage of physical memory and virtual memory

8. Swap Files

Usage of swap files

9. Disk Activity

Disk usage

10. Paging in/out

The number of pages read from the memory per second. /The number of paging memory writes per second. Is the interaction between CPU and memory.

11. Swapping in rate/out rate

The above is page exchange, which is process interaction.

12. Disk I/O writes/reads

Virtual Memory is divided on the hard disk. When the memory is insufficient, the physical memory will interact with the virtual memory, and the response will produce disk I/O problems.

Let's take a look at analyser. The page is as gorgeous as Spotlight On Oracle, Which is pleasing to the eye:



The only defect of Spotlight on Unix is that it cannot export such a perfect analyser graph. It is calm and expected that a report can be generated like an nmon analyser.

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