Spring receives convert jquery Ajax JSON array string

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1. Ajax sends JSON string

</pre><p> Build Object </p><p></p><pre code_snippet_id= "449843" Snippet_file_name= "Blog_ 20140813_2_7927326 "name=" code "class=" javascript ">var student = new Object (); student.name =" Collayi "; student.age =" 25 " ; student.location = "Guangzhou"; var student2 = new Object (); student2.name = "Covan de Sa"; student2.age = ""; student2.location = "FDA"; Mylist.push (student); Mylist.push (Student2);
Ajax is sent, note the correct assignment of datatype, type, etc., using jsonstringify to model the object, the converted string can be checked correctly in the online JSON format http://www.bejson.com/.

            $.ajax ({//Request login Processing page url:url,//Login Processing page dataType: "JSON", Data:JSON.stringify (<span style= "font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;" >mylist</span><span style= "font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;" >), </span>type: "POST", headers: {' Accept ': ' Application/json ', ' content-type ': ' Appli Cation/json '}, Success:function (strvalue) {//data returned after successful login//status based on return value                            Display//alert (strvalue);                            if (strvalue.successful = = "true") {alert ("Send success @@");                            } else {alert ("Send failed @@");                        }}, Error:function () {alert ("Please check for parameter error @@");                }    }); 

2, Spring Configuration

Configuring Requestbody for array conversion of JSON strings

    @RequestMapping (value= "/upload", produces= "Application/json")    @ResponseBody public    String Login ( HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse reponse,    String from,string ID, @RequestBody snapinfo[] aplist) throws unsupportedencodingexception {    String result;        Logger.debug ("Start upload! "+from +", "+id");        Logger.debug (aplist.length);        result = Jsonutil.sendjsonresponse (True, "success");        Reponse.setcontenttype ("text/html; Charset=utf-8 ");        Reponse.setcharacterencoding ("Utf-8");        return new String (Result.getbytes ("Utf-8"), "iso-8859-1");}

Note the following configuration in Springmvc-servlet.xml: JSON converter configuration

<bean name= "Mappingjacksonhttpmessageconverter" class= " Org.springframework.http.converter.json.MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter "><property name=" Supportedmediatypes "><list><value>text/html;charset=utf-8</value><value>application /json</value></list></property></bean><beanclass= " Org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.annotation.AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter "><property name=" Messageconverters "><list><ref bean=" Mappingjacksonhttpmessageconverter "/><!--JSON Converter-- <ref bean= "Mappingxmlhttpmessageconverter"/><!--XML converter--><ref bean= "Stringhttpmessageconverter"/ ><!--XML Converter--></list></property><!--property name= "Messageconverters" > <list> <bean class= "Org.springframework.http.converter.ByteArrayHttpMessageConverter"/> <bean class= " Org.springframework.http.converter.xml.SourceHttpMessageConverter "/> <bean class=" org.springframework.http .Converter.xml.XmlAwareFormHttpMessageConverter "/> <bean class=" Org.springframework.http.converter.StringHttpMessageConverter "> <property name=" Supportedmediatypes "> <list> <value>text/html;charset=UTF-8</value> </list> </property> </bean> </ List> </property--></bean>

Class Snapinfo
When you define a class snapinfo, remember to construct the constructor of an empty function, or you will report an error!

Jsonmappingexception:no suitable constructor found for type [Simple Type, class]: Can-not-instantiate from JSON object

Reference Documentation:

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