SQL Server 2005 Installation Experience

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My environment is XP SP2 En,sql version of the edition, Memory 512MB.

First of all, my system has been used more than half a year, equipped with VS2003, previously installed Sql2000,netframework2.0beta, there are several beta version of SQL 2005, is very "dirty", hehe. The earliest time I had a 2005EE version, how also install not on, later found that the original is EE does not support XP =_=, and then on the de version.

At the beginning of the installation of the time startled me, ya's incredibly to occupy my C disk more than 1300 mb!! Endure it. (I put SQL in the F disk, but I still need C disk more than 1300 MB). But the installation failed, looked at the installation log, the Bible, do not understand. Only know is Native Client several component installs unsuccessfully. Repeat the problem still.

After studying the package, it was found that there are two main folders, server and tools. As the name suggests, the server must be a service installation files, and tools inside should be those tool components of the installation files. Into the tools inside, there is a setup, running, unexpectedly installed successfully, and only accounted for my C disk more than 200 MB, good excited (no bi, that is, the business intelligence components, too large). Then restart the computer (not necessarily, just a setup after the slow down of the system), into the server directory below, of course, there is a setup, running, oh, it is installed service. It was successfully installed this time. To see the C disk, haha, a total of only used me more than 300 MB, unexpectedly save 1GB.

Of course, in fact, installed together, it is not likely to use up 1300MB of space, because after the installation is finished will automatically delete some junk files. But anyway, at least I was able to install it properly. My c disk is only 1400 free space, I do not know if the initial installation failure is related to this.

At this point, SQL 2005 has successfully settled on my computer. When installing, if your computer is as low as my memory (less than 1GB), performance is not big enough (my CPU is Centrio 1.3G, hehe, installed on the laptop), it is recommended to install the system is to start the operation of the services are not selected, use the time to manually run well.

Run management Studio, well, it's pretty fast. Connect the server, unexpectedly did not localhost, oh, open the Server Configuration Manager, the right that MSSQLServer run up. OK, there's no problem this time.

The use of all normal, is found from the sql2000 inside the database backed up in 2005 only through the SQL statement to modify the data, and can not see and the changes, do not know how.

BTW: Then put on the business intelligence components, only use the C disk 150MB, happy.

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