SQL Server prompts "The selected user owns the object, so the user cannot be dropped" _mssql

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I tried some of the methods offered online, and finally I solved some problems with SQL.
1 Select the problematic database in the Query Analyzer and enter:
Exec sp_configure ' allow updates ', 1--Allows the system tables to be updated.
Reconfigure with OVERRIDE
2. Run the following SQL statement:
UPDATE sysobjects Set uid=1--all objects in the database are assigned to the user dbo
3. Execute the following SQL statement:
Exec sp_configure ' allow updates ', 0--Shutdown system Table update
Reconfigure with OVERRIDE
4. Delete the user in the database, and then re-establish the user.
You know from Google that this problem is caused by the following:
Problems that are easily encountered when a MSSQL backup is migrated to another server restore ...
A problem that can be easily encountered when a MSSQL backup is migrated to another server, especially if a database backed up from a virtual host is restored in the native.
The original username and password in SQL will appear invalid
Cannot delete a system table
Invalid prompt table name for select with SA connection
The user name in the original backup database cannot be deleted, prompting that the user cannot be dropped because the selected user owns the object. ”
The main reason is that the original backup restored when the original user's information was retained, resulting in orphaned users ...
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