SQL Server stored procedures for replicating table data to another table

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if    exists(Select *  fromsysobjectswhereId=object_id('Generatedata') and  ObjectProperty(ID,'isprocedure')=1 )    Drop ProcedureGeneratedataGoCREATE PROCEDUREGeneratedata@tablenamesysname as begin    Declare @column varchar( -)     Declare @columndata varchar( -)     Declare @sql varchar(8000)     Declare @xtype tinyint     Declare @namesysnameDeclare @objectId int     Declare @objectnamesysnameDeclare @ident int     SetNocount on     Set @objectId=object_id(@tablename)     if @objectId  is NULL --determine if an object exists    begin         Print 'The object is not exists'         return     End     Set @objectname=RTrim(object_name(@objectId))     if @objectname  is NULL or charindex(@objectname,@tablename)=0 --This judgment is not strict    begin         Print 'object not in current database'         return     End     if ObjectProperty(@objectId,'istable')< > 1 --determine if the object is a table    begin         Print 'The object is not table'         return     End     Select @ident=Status&0x80  fromsyscolumnswhereId=@objectid  andStatus&0x80=0x80     if @ident  is  not NULL     Print 'SET Identity_insert'+@TableName+' on'     DeclareSyscolumns_cursorcursor     for SelectC.name,c.xtype fromsyscolumns CwhereC.id=@objectid Order  byC.colidOpenSyscolumns_cursorSet @column="'     Set @columndata="'     Fetch Next  fromSyscolumns_cursor into @name,@xtype      while @ @fetch_status < >-1     begin         if @ @fetch_status < >-2         begin             if @xtype  not inch(189, the, *, About,98)--timestamp do not need processing, image,text,ntext,sql_variant temporarily do not handle            begin                 Set @column=@column+ Case  when Len(@column)=0  Then"' Else ','End+@name                 Set @columndata=@columndata+ Case  when Len(@columndata)=0  Then "' Else ',"',"','End                 + Case  when @xtype inch(167,175) Then  "" "+'+@name+'+ "" " --Varchar,char                 when @xtype inch(231,239) Then " "N" " "+'+@name+'+ "" " --Nvarchar,nchar                 when @xtype= A  Then  "" "+convert (char),'+@name+', 121) + "" " --datetime                 when @xtype= -  Then  "" "+convert (char),'+@name+', +) + "" " --smalldatetime                 when @xtype= $  Then  "" "+convert (char),'+@name+')+ "" " --uniqueidentifier                Else @name End             End         End         Fetch Next  fromSyscolumns_cursor into @name,@xtype     End     CloseSyscolumns_cursordeallocateSyscolumns_cursorSet @sql='SET NOCOUNT ON select"'Insert into'+@tablename+'('+@column+') VALUES ("' as"'--"','+@columndata+',"')"' from'+@tablename     Print '--'+@sql     exec(@sql)     if @ident  is  not NULL     Print 'SET Identity_insert'+@TableName+'OFF' EndGO

EXEC generatedata ' table name under the same database '

SQL Server stored procedures for replicating table data to another table

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