SQLite Learning Day No. 01: References

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Today began to learn the knowledge of the database, because I am engaged in the development of embedded software, so in the selection of the database was determined to choose SQLite, on the Internet to search the relevant information and configuration of the environment. First of all, want to have a basic understanding of sqlite or need to read the official website of the content:

Website Link: http://www.sqlite.org/index.html

On the official web site to provide a lot of documents, there is a very basic, written easy to understand, I have a general look. Then, I would like to choose to give a very basic quick start tutorial, so search for half a day, found a good online learning materials, the link address is as follows:


You can download the PDF version of the tutorial, slowly read, you can also browse the Web directly, I downloaded the PDF version, it looks very simple. It's just something in English, but it's better to be slow. When I look tired, planning to rest, inadvertently Google to a Chinese language tutorial site, the link is as follows:


After careful comparison, it turns out that the content of this tutorial and the previous English tutorial is actually exactly the same, therefore, the recommended English level is not very good beginners, you can consider the latter to get started. Today is the first day, this is the discovery, the tutorial has read the English course of the 5th chapter-data type, continue tomorrow.

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