SSMA migrating local my SQL to local SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Databaase

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SSMA migrating local my SQL to local SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Databaase

Speaking of databases, many people will think of my SQL, SQL Server and Oracle, and so on, and very people prefer my SQL, because my SQL is free, and the packet is relatively small, fast and convenient installation, and SQL server is charged, is Microsoft's products, charges are quite high, Generally rarely used, unless the big data, of course, in the case of funding to select the Oracle database, which I do not specifically, today, we mainly describe how to migrate the local my SQL data to SQL Serrver, no matter what services, migration data is the most painful thing, Is there a more intelligent way to do the migration, the answer is necessary, what is it? That is Microsoft provides a tool Ssma,

SSMA (SQL Seerrver migration Assistant) software Server provides the migration of local my SQL to SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Servrer dabase, as follows:

The first is to download the software:

Http:// SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL

Start installation after download

Tip the driver for my SQL ODBC is not found locally, and you can click Download

After downloading, we can install

Start installation

Installation Complete

We continue to install Ssma

Start installing Ssma

Tool installation Complete

After installation, the desktop is one more Microsoft SQL Server Migration assing

Enable the program

Start by creating a new project
After starting the program, click the New Item icon in the upper left corner

Then choose whether you want to migrate to SQL Server or SQL Azure (we select SQL Server)

After the project is created, we link my SQL because we want to migrate my SQL

MY SQL Link Certification

connected to MySQL

Click the connect to mysql icon in the upper-left corner (you must confirm that the MySQL ODBC Connector is installed), and your MySQL database information will be displayed in a tree view

Create a Schema Migration report

Select the database that you want to migrate, then right-click the database name and select Create report :

. connected to SQL Server (or SQL Azure , it depends on the first 3 Step Selection)

Click "Connect to the upper left corner of the SQL Server icon." You can provide the credentials to connect to SQL Server or to SQL Azure. If the database you selected in step 4 of the MySQL database has the same name that does not exist, you will be asked if you want to create one.

Note : If you do not want Ssma to create a database for you, you should specify the database you want to migrate to in the Connection dialog box. By default, Ssma converts all objects in the MySQL database DB1 to the SQL Server schema db1.dbo SQL Servers database DB1, which must be created synchronously (see step 8th). The simplest way to do this is to specify the database name in the SQL Server Connection dialog box when you establish a connection to a SQL Server database.

Because we are migrating to SQL Server, we also need to link SQL Server

MY SQL and SQL Server are linked successfully

You should now see a tree view of SQL Server data in SQL Server Explorer , select the mode you want to migrate.

7. Conversion Mode (that is, table) in MySQL Metadata Explorer , right-click the database you want to migrate and select convert mode :

At this point, you may need to make some changes in the transformation mode, for example, I chose the link_updated column, which is an empty column, because this column MySQL set the default value, and 0000-00-00 00:00:00, is a special value, will be treated as a null value data to migrate, and this change can lead to errors if the data is migrated without change.

SQL Server Synchronization of Databases

Select the database to synchronize to in SQL Server, right-click to select Synchronize with Database

Confirm the database that you want to synchronize, confirm

Synchronization complete

Migrating data

In MySQL metadata Explorer, right-click the database you want to migrate and select migrate data to Enter the connection credentials for the MySQL and SQL Server databases.

Prompt to verify database authentication before migration

Start migrating data

Migration success

If you are migrating to Windows Azure SQL database, we need to create a project in the first step to be honest about choosing SQL Azure, which does not introduce much, since Ssma software currently migrates to my SQL to SQL Serrver does not support domestic windows In Azure, only the international version of Wiindows Azure is supported. is not unsupported, but the current software if you choose to migrate to Windows Azure, the database connection only international domain name (, there is no domestic windows Azure Domain Name ( So there is no option to connect to the domestic Windows Azure database

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SSMA migrating local my SQL to local SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Databaase

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