Strategic web game architecture (Flex + Java)

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Web games are a new type of Internet application. Currently, there are more than hundreds of web games on the market. Compared with traditional web gamesMMOLarge online games have the advantages of low investment, short development cycle, and low technical threshold, which also leads to poor quality of web games on the market.

Compared with earlier web gamesOgameNowadays, web games are becoming more and more diverse in forms, and the pictures are becoming more and more exquisite. I used several web games, such as the left-side sky game, the Three Kingdoms of hot water, and the whole world. It is found that online game homogeneity is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the development of web pages focuses on the playability of games.

I used to develop large website architectures. I have been engaged in the architecture and development of web games for more than half a year. Over the past six months, I have been continuously studying and developing web games. We have summarized a complete strategic web game architecture.

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