Stunnix C + + obfuscator usage profile

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Because of the requirements of the project, the C code needs to be confused. The. NET and Java obfuscation tools are now very useful. But there are not many C obfuscation tools.
Find a Stunnix C + + obfuscator
There are few tutorials on the web, only slowly groping.
The official website can download the trial version.

1. Open after installation that's it.

2. There are only three main menus and navigation in the upper right corner when no project is established.
Click Project to import or create a new project. Tools menu and then again. Help all know to be helpful.

Fill in the following items as required:
Project title: Name of the item to be done, and a name for the current thing to do.
Input Directory Name: source or source Engineering path.
Output Directory Name: The current project export path.
State directory Name: Saves paths such as intermediate files and code symbols.
Of course, you can also set advanced options
Click OK to set up a project.

Tip Project successfully created! indicates that the project was established successfully. A few more menus.

3. Where the Symblos menu, you can set the need to confuse the symbol, function name, variable name, etc., or set a name that does not need to be confused.

4. The previous Build menu, you can choose to perform the currently configured task rebuild all, or clean the current project clear output & state files.

5. Return to the tool menu. This can be anywhere from the source code in the current project or the symbol table in the ActiveX plugin symbols

You can filter by file type or symbol type.

6. The final confusing code is under directory output directory name. Directory organization is the same as the source directory.

Stunnix C + + obfuscator usage profile

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