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This article illustrates the substitution sensitive string class of PHP implementation and its usage, which has a very wide application value in the development of PHP program. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific methods are as follows:

The StrFilter.class.php class files are as follows:

<?php/** String Filter class * date:2013-01-09 * author:fdipzone * ver:v1.0 * Func: * Public Replace Replace illegal characters * Public check check for illegal characters * Private protect_white_list protection Whitelist * Private resume_white_list restore WHITE list * PR 
  Ivate getval Whitelist Key to value */class strfilter{//class start Private $_white_list = Array (); 
  Private $_black_list = Array (); 
  Private $_replacement = ' * '; 
  Private $_ltag = ' [[#]; 
  Private $_rtag = ' # #]] '; /** * @param array $white _list * @param array $black _list * @param String $replacement/Public Function _ 
    _construct ($white _list=array (), $black _list=array (), $replacement = ' * ') {$this->_white_list = $white _list; 
    $this->_black_list = $black _list; 
  $this->_replacement = $replacement; /** Replace the illegal character * @param string $content the strings to be replaced * @return string replacement strings/Public function replace ($co 
 ntent) {if (!isset ($content) | | | | $content = = ') {return ';   }//Protect white list $content = $this->protect_white_list ($content); Replace black list if ($this->_black_list) {foreach ($this->_black_list as $val) {$content = s 
      Tr_replace ($val, $this->_replacement, $content); 
    }///Resume white list $content = $this->resume_white_list ($content); 
  return $content; 
    /** check for illegal characters * @param string $content Strings * @return Boolean/Public Function check ($content) { 
    if (!isset ($content) | | | | $content = = ") {return true; 
    }//Protect white list $content = $this->protect_white_list ($content); Check if ($this->_black_list) {foreach ($this->_black_list as $val) {if strstr ($content, $val) 
        != ') {return false; 
  }} return true; /** Protection Whitelist * @param string $content strings * @return string/Private function Protect_white_list ($conteNT) {if ($this->_white_list) {foreach ($this->_white_list as $key => $val) {$content = Str_repla 
      CE ($val, $this->_ltag $key. $this->_rtag, $content); 
  } return $content; 
    /** Restore White list * @param string $content * @return string/Private Function Resume_white_list ($content) { if ($this->_white_list) {$content = Preg_replace_callback ("/\[\[##" (. *?) 
    ##\]\].*?/si ", Array ($this, ' getval '), $content); 
  return $content;  /** White list key reverts to value * @param Array $matches match white_list key * @return String white_list val */Private function Getval ($matches) {return isset ($this->_white_list[$matches [1]])? $this->_white_list[$matches [1]]: ' ;

 Key->val}}//class end?>

The demo example is as follows:

  Header ("Content-type:text/html;charset=utf8"); 
  Require ("StrFilter.class.php"); 
  $white = array (' Cock silk ', ' Cao '); 
  $black = array (' Cock ', ' fuck '); 
  $content = "I fuck, caocao you are cock silk, I cock you ah"; 
  $obj = new Strfilter ($white, $black); 
  echo $obj->replace ($content); 
? >

Full instance code Click this site to download

I hope this article will help you with the learning of PHP programming.

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