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Many times, the site needs to speak color into black and white, such as in the Wenchuan earthquake, in order to express condolences, many sites are color programming black and white, then, we will summarize how to change the color of the Web page into black and white method:

1. Turn the Web site, Web page interface into black and white gray tone CSS Code

Not much to say, please look at the code, the website or Web page into black and white

# # #网页黑白代码外部样式
* * Write to a. css file using *

2.4 kinds of Code of the website turn black and white gray detailed explanation

2008.5.12 Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, took away a lot of life, it is regrettable, in order to express their deep condolences to the victims, the State Council decided May 19, 2008 to 21st as the national day of mourning. In the meantime, many websites have changed their style to "black, white, grey" in order to express their condolences to their fellow victims. Advised the national webmaster to move up, for the victims of the earthquake in mourning

3. Use CSS to convert images into black and white

The development of the Times, now, CSS3, we also began to see the "Black and white effect" large-scale application of the actual possibility, the next introduction CSS3 greyscale filter implementation, interested friends can understand that may have long known, like Wenchuan this bad Day website all gray in IE can be easily implemented (Filter:gray;), however, at the time, other browsers were non-solvable. However, the development of the Times, now, the gradual progress of CSS3, we also began to see the "Black and white effect" large-scale application of the actual possibility.

4. Color Web page black white CSS Code

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