Summarize the use and techniques of CSS3 shadow effect

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CSS3 can achieve a lot of results, today I will summarize the use of CSS3 to achieve the shadow effect of the methods and techniques:

Let's start with an introduction to how to use the shadow CSS3:

1. Introduction to CSS3 Shadow use method

If you have multiple shadows, separate them with commas, and then stack them down, the first one written on top

If there is a inset, the inner shadow, but note: If you simply add inset to the original shadow, the Shadow is inside the opposite side, not simply flipping the reverse.

2. Easy to master CSS3 Shadow, reflection, gradient tips

The following small series for everyone to bring a 5 minutes to let you master CSS3 Shadow, reflection, gradient tips (small recommended). Small series feel very good, now share to everyone, also for everyone to make a reference. Let's take a look at it with a little knitting.

A summary of the use and techniques of 3.CSS3 shadow Box-shadow

Text-shadow is to add a shadow effect to the text, and Box-shadow to add a perimeter shadow effect to the element block. With the popularization of HTML5 and CSS3, the use of this special effect is becoming more and more common.

The basic syntax is {Box-shadow:[inset] x-offset y-offset Blur-radius Spread-radiuscolor}

4. Brief introduction of Shadow, background and rounded border styles in CSS3

CSS2.1 has been published for more than 7 years now. The appearance of CSS3 is to enhance the function of CSS2.1, reduce the number of pictures and solve the special effects on the HTML page.

Currently, CSS3 technologies are best suited for use in mobile Web development, including:

Enhanced selectors


Powerful background settings

Rounded border

5. Using CSS3 to realize the ever-changing text shadow Text-shadow effect design

This article mainly introduces the use of CSS3 to achieve the ever-changing text shadow Text-shadow effect design related materials, interested in the small partners can refer to

The example of this paper is to share the CSS3 of the ever-changing text shadow Text-shadow effect, for your reference, the specific content as follows


none|<length>|none| [<shadow>,]*<shadow>
none|<color>| [, <color>]*

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