Summary and outline, summary outline

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Summary and outline, summary outline

1. Corresponding project: Hibernate_0300_BasicConfiguration
2. Introduce the graphical client of MySQL
3. hibernate. cfg. xml: hbm2ddl. auto
A) create a table first or create an object class first
4. Set up a log environment and configure and display DDL statements
5. Build a JNnit Environment
A) Pay attention to JUnit bugs.
6. hibernate. cfg. xml: show_ SQL
7. hibernate. cfg. xml: format_ SQL
8. The table name and class name are different, and the table name is configured
A) Annotation: @ Table
B) xml: Self-Query
9. The field name and attributes are the same
A) The default value is @ Basic.
B) column is not required in xml.
10. The field names and attribute names are different.
A) Annotation: @ Column
B) xml: Self-Query
11. The persistence field is not required.
A) Annotation: @ Transient
B) do not write xml
12. ing Date and Time types, specifying time precision
A) Annotation: @ Temporal
B) xml: specify the type
13. ing Enumeration type
A) @ Enumerated
B) xml: troublesome
14. field ing position (field or)
A) best practice: keep the field and get set methods consistent.
15. @ Lob
16. Out-of-class: clob blob-type data access
17. Extra-curricular: Custom Hibernate Data Types
18. hibernate type

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