Summary of ASP. NET pen questions and pen questions

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Summary of ASP. NET pen questions and pen questions

ASP. NET pen exam is an ASP. NET programmer's interview experience. Generally, you are asked to fill in two tables. One is your detailed information table, and the other is the answer to the interview questions.

Both of them should pay attention to whether there is any content in the anti-positive aspect. If you test your server, there are usually two types, that is, connecting the program to the database or some basic algorithms (binary search, recursion, etc.), the company generally tests whether your basic skills are solid. If your basic skills are good, you don't have to worry about it!

The following are some ASP. NET pen questions, hoping to help you prepare for the interview.

1. There are several usage methods for new

First: new Class ();

Method 2: Overwrite

Public new XXXX (){}

Third: the new constraint specifies that any type parameter in the generic class declaration must have a common non-parameter constructor.

2. How to copy an array to the arrayList

Foreach (object o in array) arrayList. Add (o );

3. What data sources can the datagrid. datasouse connect to? [dataset, datatable, dataview]

Dataset, datatable, dataview, IList

4. Overview of reflection and serialization

Reflection: The Assembly contains modules, while the module contains types and types, including Members. Reflection provides encapsulated assembly, module, and type objects. You can use reflection to dynamically create instances of the type, bind the type to an existing object, or obtain the type from an existing object. Then, you can call a method of the type or access its fields and attributes.

Serialization: serialization is the process of converting an object into a format that is easy to transmit. For example, you can serialize an object and Use HTTP to transmit the object between the client and the server over the Internet. At the other end, deserialization reconstructs the object from the stream.

5. Overview of o/r mapping principles

Use reflection to configure database table ing

6. Class Members have () accessible forms

Accessible form? Don't understand.

Accessibility: public, protected, private, internal

7. What are the characteristics of classes modified with sealed?

The sealed modifier is used to prevent other classes from being derived from the modified class. If a sealed class is specified as the base class of another class, a compile-time error occurs. The sealed class cannot be an abstract class at the same time.

The sealed modifier is mainly used to prevent unintentional derivation, but it can also promote some runtime optimization. Specifically, because the sealed class will never have any derived class, the call to the virtual function Member of the sealed class instance can be converted to a non-virtual call for processing.

8. List the five main objects in ADO. NET and briefly describe them.

Connection, command, dataReader, trans, dataset...

9. After executing the following code:

String strTemp = "abcdefg ";

Int I System. Text. Encoding. Default. GetBytes (strTemp). Length;

Int j = strTemp. Length;

Q: I = (14); j = (11)

I = (14); j = (11) Two Chinese bytes

In 10. C #, string str = null and string str = "". Use text to describe the differences. (Key Points: detailed memory space allocation)

String str = "" allocate space

11. detail the similarities and differences between class and struct in. NET!

Class: put in? Put struct in?

Struct value transfer

Classes have many similarities with structures: structures can implement interfaces and have the same member types as classes. However, the structure is different from the class in several important aspects: the structure is a value type rather than a reference type, and the structure does not support inheritance. The schema values are stored on the stack or inline ". Careful programmers can sometimes use structures intelligently to enhance performance.

12. Overview of remoting and webservice in. NET and its practical application.

Remote logical call. The remoing interface can only be used in. net.

13. What is code-behind technology?

Aspx and cs

14. Overview of the three-tier architecture

Web/business/dataaccess How to Implement the MVC mode, for example!


ASP. NET pen questions will be introduced here, I hope to help you, the answer is for reference only.

ASP. NET pen questions are basically essential for ASP. NET programmers. Which of the following questions and answers frequently appear? This article collects some common ASP. NET written examination questions for your reference.

1. SQL part of ASP. NET written test questions:

Q: What is the difference between clustered index and non-clustered index:

A: The body content is a directory arranged according to certain rules. It is called "clustered Index ". The ASP. NET Server Directory is purely a directory, and the body is purely a text sorting method called "non-clustered Index"

Q: What is the significance of indexes? A brief description of the Cluster Index and its advantages and disadvantages

A: clustered indexes usually speed up the UPDATE and DELETE operations, because these two operations need to read a large amount of data. It may take a long time to create or modify a clustered index, because the two operations must be performed on the disk to reorganize the rows of the table. However, INSERT slows down. Clustering indexes can be used for columns that contain a limited number of unique values. For example, a state column contains only 50 unique state codes. Use the following operators to return the query of a range value: BETWEEN,>, >=, <, and <=.

Q: What does the isolation level mean? What are the isolation levels?

A: The transaction prepare to accept inconsistent data is called the isolation level. The isolation level is the degree to which a transaction must be isolated from other transactions. Low isolation levels can increase concurrency, but the cost is to reduce data correctness. On the contrary, high isolation levels can ensure data correctness, but may have a negative impact on concurrency. The isolation level required by the application determines the locking behavior used by SQL Server.

SQL-92 defines four isolation levels that SQL Server supports:
◆ Uncommitted read (the lowest level of transaction isolation, can only ensure that the data is not read physically damaged ).
◆ Commit read (SQL Server default level ).
◆ Repeatable read.
◆ Serializable read (the highest level of transaction isolation, full isolation between transactions ).

If the transaction runs at the serializable read isolation level, it can ensure that any concurrent overlapping transactions are serialized.

Q: Brief introduction to the transaction

A: The transaction must run at a Repeatable read or higher isolation level to prevent the loss of updates. When two transactions retrieve the same row and then update the row based on the original retrieval value, the update will be lost. If two transactions use an UPDATE statement to UPDATE rows and do not UPDATE the rows based on the previously retrieved values, the UPDATE will not be lost at the default committed read isolation level.

2. Programming Language Section of ASP. NET written test questions (C/C ++/C #)

Q: process and thread

A: Generally, a process is defined as an instance running a program. A process consists of two parts:
ASP. NET Server 1. System Kernel Object (Process Control Block)
ASP. NET Server 2. runtime space (Code, data, and resources required for cross-running packages, such as heap and stack );
ASP. NET Server ASP. NET Server processes are inactive and only provide one runtime environment.
The ASP. NET Server thread is a running branch of a process. It executes code in the environment provided by the process. A process must have at least one thread. Otherwise, there is no need to exist.
The ASP. NET Server thread package spans one kernel object and one stack. The thread is the CPU scheduling unit.
ASP. NET Server ASP.. NET Server threads are the smallest unit for running processes. Processes participate in resource allocation, such as handles and memory. threads do not participate in resource allocation!

Q: When to perform packing and unpacking

A: When the conversion between the reference type and the Value Type

Q: What is CLR?

A: CLR (Common Language Runtime) is the basis for building the entire. net framework. It is the key to implementing core features such as. Net cross-platform, cross-Language, and code security.

Q: What is the relationship between. Net and COM?

A :. net supports COM and.. Net components can be implemented through Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW.. Net, and use COM Callable Wrapper (CCW) to obtain the COM component.. Net component.

Q: What is the intermediate language (IL) in. Net?

A :. the intermediate language in. Net can be defined in the runtime specification of a common language ,. A collection of commands that are independent of the CPU and are converted to local code through the Just In Time compiler during execution. It is a core part of language interoperability on the. Net platform. All. Net platform languages must be compiled into intermediate languages (IL) first ).

3. ASP. NET test questions-WEB development

Q: What is written in the ASP file header that will force the web server to check the variables used in any program to be defined first?

Answer: Option explicit

Q: If you do not want an error to affect the execution of the entire ASP page, what can you do in the header?

A: On error resume next

Q: I hope that the ASP page will not be cached, that is, it will be automatically refreshed every execution. What can I do if I write a sentence?

Answer: Response. Expires =-1
ASP. NET Server Response. ExpiresAbsolute = Now ()-1
ASP. NET Server Response. cachecontrol = "no-cache"

Guangdong Yuanguang software pen

There are 10 single-choice questions for IQ testing, including:
1. Which of the following letters is different?
A.D B .G C. C D.P E. R
The answer is D.
2. speculation by law ,? Where should I enter a number?
(,-) (,) (-3 ,?, -6,-4)
A.-6 B .6 C.3 D.-4
The answer is.
The answer is what I gave. If you have different opinions, you are welcome to discuss them. These two questions are the most difficult, and the other eight questions are relatively simple.

Guangdong Yuanguang Software Test

Go to csdn to download the innovation exam. Most of the Yuanguang exam are from there. I attended the Yuanguang test the day before yesterday. The result is that I saw the test yesterday. I am depressed. Good luck!

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