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Many friends in the process of working with PHP often encounter permissions issues. I'm here on the issue of permissions based on my previous experience and talk to you. Permissions errors typically occur when the data is read and stored. So, first of all, let's talk about the most common restrictions on system permissions PHP is the most widely used system Linux/win32 let's start with the common mistakes under Linux. When a user opens a website and accesses his or her site http://mysite/, it is not accessible, but the message is forbidden. Q: Why can't I access my site after it is configured? A: First log in to your machine (or have your administrator log on to the machine) to check if your Web directory treats Group/other group users with Read permissions. Again, check that your Web server's directory settings are allowed for browsing. This problem will probably be solved after modifying the corresponding data. If the above steps still do not solve your problem, please continue looking down. If the HTML files in your website are already accessible, and some PHP files have permission problems when they are accessed, it is good to tell you that your Web server is normal and that his permissions are normal. And you're just having a problem with your PHP file. For example, your PHP file uses code similar to the following ..... Of course, the above code is easy for you to see, in fact, I would like to say that the example is that you may be the file (directory is a special file--linux under the interpretation of the directory) have operations such as, set up, delete, modify, this time the permission problem is mostly in the file itself permission problem. Here we should look at another knowledge, system permissions/FTP permissions What is System permissions? What is FTP permissions? Of course, this is only a personal understanding of the meaning of the description, not the definition of the text in the book, you can search through the Internet more relevant definitions, but you only need to understand their meaning on the line. System permissions (note: The system described here is the operating system): is the system user's permission constraint system. FTP County: is a permission constraint system for FTP users. OK, here, I basically said the above nonsense, if your FTP users are users of your system, you only need to these directories through the system within the rights distribution can already solve the problem. If your FTP system is using its own user system, then please continue to look down we know that the system assigns a region to the FTP service, the FTP service has a certain permission to operate the area, the FTP service has added its own user management, so under the constraints of system permissions, The FTP service has a second permission assignment. It also uses the permission notation under Linux. You're supposed to have this problem here. Q: Why is my system permissions normal but I still have to be accused of permission issues? A: Under the constraints of system permissions your FTP may have its own user management system, so you should now use the FTP client login to your FTP host, the file permissions operation. The specific steps are described in many of the ISP's help pages, and there is no more to say here. After reading the above content, your file permissions should be 90% to solve the problem. If you belong to that 10% welcome and I discuss ~ another: for users under the WIN32 system, if your partition is NTFS format, you can refer to the above, if you are non-NTFS can refer to FTP permissions data storage is not only directly to the file operation, also includes the database, Data Flow database: Here we use PHP to combine the most MySQL for example, MySQL has its own permission system, so a good DBA will always be reasonable to assign permissions to database users, database permissions problems are mostly concentrated in the following points: 1, the connection host was rejected 2, Connection account matching error 3, Connection account permissions are less than 4, the connection account operation of the database does not have permissions (this problem with 3 is actually insufficient account county) data flow: PHP Data flow is mostly a function of the network operation, if these functions error is mostly the other side of the server's settings resulting in the inability to obtain data. This time you should consider the change from your programCode (unless you can manipulate your target host) Author: sports98 (even if you encourage me to play these words, keep them) for a long time not to write things, oneself is not behind ... Hey, see people who write PHP extension library always feel that they lag behind, write something to stay for everyone for reference. true techarticle a lot of friends in the process of working with PHP often encounter permissions issues. I'm here on the issue of permissions based on my previous experience and talk to you. Permission errors are generally present in the logarithm ...

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