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In the current version of PS cc, there are more practical features to improve our efficiency, such as sharpening tools, camera raw tools, vector object CSS properties, 3D object tools, and texture painting tools.

So today we're going to take you through the full picture and learn a little bit:

Sharper and smarter Sharpening:

The new smart sharpen filter. Let's easily improve image clarity while minimizing noise and halo effects. We can control the number of parameters, radius, reduce noise, and select the fuzzy type.

Location: Filters > Sharpening > Intelligent Sharpening

In addition, you can control the sharpness in shades and high light levels.

The following picture shows an ostrich head close-up photo of the Shutterstock before and after the application of the smart sharpen filter effect.

Smart sharpening supports CMYK color mode in Photoshop CC. In addition, you can control the sharpness of each channel, such as the alpha channel.

Lossless scaling of images:

Now PS in the "image size" function, directly through the dialog box below to generate a more intelligent scaling effect, the simple point is to improve the overall clarity.

Location: image > Image size

To prove this, I have used the similar functions of Photoshop cc and Photoshop CS5 to enlarge the image of the clay floor. You can see clearly that there are significant differences between the two.

Of course, the option in the red box is to enlarge the picture while reducing the noise generated, it looks smoother.

A sharp weapon! Adobe Camera Raw:

The plugin hidden in the filter--adobe Camera Raw. Camera Raw in the adjustment, such as temperature, exposure, contrast, etc., can be applied to most types of files, such as video clips, Png,tiff,jpeg.

Add: Filter > Camera RAW Data filter

Camera raw can be applied to any layer, and contains a lot of useful tools for editing photos, which we'll discuss below.

Camera raw-Intelligent Removal Tool:

This tool works like a familiar healing brush tool. You just need to draw an unnecessary element on the photo and then select an area that can be an intelligent removal and replacement.

Motion removal mode: Heal and Clone (as shown in the following image).

The sample area of the former is texture, illumination and shadow.

The latter is suitable for image sampling area. You can also set the size and opacity level of the brush.

The visualization sights option can be found on the screen that is invisible to the flaw, but can appear in full resolution photo printing. When you select this option, the image is poured into the filter window in Camera raw.

Now you can use the stain remover tool to visualize the scene pattern and clean up the image. The simple understanding is to find an unreasonable area in black and white mode.

Camera raw-Radial Filter:

The Radial filter tool allows you to create an ellipse-selected area where you can adjust the picture locally. The selected area or beyond it can be corrected. You can have multiple radial filters on the image, and each applies a different adjustment effect.

For example, I'm going to apply a radial screen to a couple of photos on a beach walk. Reduce exposure outside the selected area, giving you a local, local brightening effect, making the center more dazzling.

Camera raw-lens correction mode:

The camera raw can automatically correct the image. The angle of the elements in the photo is automatically corrected in upright mode. There are four modes of correction: automatic (Balanced perspective correction),

Level (Perspective correction emphasizes horizontal detail), Vertical (perspective correction is biased toward vertical detail). ) and all corrections (all previous pattern combinations).

Position: Camera raw> Lens correction > Manual Labeling

This is the New York image of the front and back contrast effect.

The new slider allows you to modify the horizontal or vertical aspect of the image. Slide control left to modify vertical and horizontal, right slide to modify the perpendicular aspect of the photo.

Reduce camera jitter Blur:

This feature allows you to automatically reduce the image blur caused by camera motion. Photoshop automatically analyzes the region's most appropriate image-stabilization, determines the fuzzy nature, and infers the entire image for appropriate corrections.

Address: Filters > Sharpening > Intelligent stabilization

To further fine-tune the image, you can let Photoshop blur the traces of the calculation and consider the effects of multiple locations.

To achieve the best results, create blurred traces of the edge contrast image of the region. The contrast effect is as follows

New 3D Painting and 3D panel:

You can use any painting tool to smudge the three-dimensional model. Using the selection tool, you can identify the model in a particular format. We can now easily adjust the texture attached to the model in PS,

You only need to draw with the brush tool. Look at the picture below.

Position:3d> new grid layer > net Preset > Donut

Now, if you double click on the doughnut material in the layers panel, then open a new document, 2D texture.

Now, with the help of a 2D texture, such as the brush tool, we can observe the three-dimensional model that is being drawn in real time.

Edit rounded rectangles and CSS replication:

If the rounded Rectangle tool or Rectangle tool creates a shape with the help of Photoshop CC, then in the Properties panel, you can change all rounded corners, and each corner adjusts individually.

Now you can copy the rectangle and paste it in the Code Editor's CSS.

Multi-shape and path selection:

In this version of Photoshop CC, we can select multiple paths, shapes, and vector masks at the same time, in the Paths panel. In addition, we can by using the appropriate command,

From the pop-up menu in the Panel, copy and delete them.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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