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OracleApplications stores these ldquo; Code rdquo; in the key elastic domain. Key-elastic domains are highly elastic, so any organization can use them without programming.

Oracle Applications stores these ldquo; Code rdquo; in the key elastic domain. Key-elastic domains are highly elastic, so any organization can use them without programming.

1. What is an elastic domain?

FlexValue is a field composed of child fields or segments. It is displayed as a pop-up window containing prompts of each segment on the form. Each segment has a name and a valid value set. For example, Guangdong mobile accounting elastic domain consists of seven segments, each of which has its own name. For example, the first three segments are the company segment, cost center segment, and accounting subject segment. Each segment has a corresponding value, which is within the range of the corresponding value set.

2. Classification of elastic Domains

Elastic domains include key-elastic domains and descriptive elastic domains.

2.1 key elastic Domains

Most organizations use "code" to identify general ledger accounts, part numbers, and other business entities. These "code" consists of meaningful segments (Intelligent keywords. Each segment of the code can represent a feature of an object. For example, your organization may use part number PAD-NR-YEL-8 1/2 × 14 "to represent a narrow, square yellow notepad in size of 8 1/2" x14, another organization may use the part number "PD-8 x 14-Y-NR" to identify the same notepad. The two part numbers are codes, and the segments contained in the Code indicate the characteristics of the part. Although the Code represents the same parts, each code has a different segment structure that is only meaningful to the organization that uses the code.

Oracle Applications stores these "codes" in the key-elastic domain. Key-elastic domains are highly elastic, so any organization can use the required code mode without programming.

When the Organization begins to install oracle Applications, you and the organization's implementation team can customize key-elastic domains to merge code segments that are meaningful to the business. You can determine the meaning of each segment, the values that each segment can contain, and the meaning of the segment values. An organization can define rules to specify which segments can constitute valid complete code (this process is also called combination ). In addition, you can define the relationship between segments, so that you and your organization can use the required code without changing the code to meet the requirements of oracle Applications.

For example, to organize the code used to identify a general ledger account, Oracle Applications uses a special key elastic domain called an accounting elastic domain to represent the code. An organization may select a custom accounting elastic domain, which includes five segments: Company, Division, Department, account, and project. Another organization may establish a general ledger account segment in another way, for example, using twelve rather than five segments. The accounting elastic domain allows different organizations to customize key elastic domains based on their specific business purposes, so that oracle General Ledger application products can meet the needs of different organizations. See Oracle General Ledger User's Guide.

Note: Throughout the examples and graphics of the guide, we use the "part number key elastic domain ". This instance is used because it helps to describe the use and behavior of key-elastic domains without any professional knowledge such as accounting, human resources, or manufacturing. However, in fact, there is no "part number key elastic domain" in oracle Applications, and you cannot associate it with many oracle Applications products (such as oracle Inventory) the system item elastic domains used are confused.

2.2-value elastic Domains

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2. Table Structure

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