Summary of some common notes for javascript Review

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1. [window.] alert ();
Document. alinkColor
TextString. anchor ()
Navigator. appCodeName
Escape ("Hi! ") Returns the ascii code.
Eval ("x + y") Evaluate the string x = 10, y = 20; eval = 30
FormName. elementName. focus (); set the element to focus
History. forward () Browser
Date-related functions
Date. getDate () returns the Date from 1 to 31.
Date. getDay () returns the values from Monday to Saturday of the week between 0 and 6.
Date. getHours () returns 0-23
Date. getMinutes ()
Date. getMonth ()
Date. getSeconds ()
Date. getTime () Get the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since January 1 ,.
Date. getTimezoneOffset () returns the client's time difference GMT
Date. getYear ();
History. go ();
Document. linkName. hash returns the string after # in the Url. The same usage includes document. links [0]. hash, document. location. hash.
Document. history Object
Document. history. forward ();
Document. history. back ();
Document. history. go (-1),-2
Location. host, linkName. host, linkName. port return host name and port
Location. hostname
Location. href
FormName. selectName. options [index]. index Returns a subscript of the selected element.
IsNaN () checks whether it is a number
StringName. italics () is set to XIE format
StringName. lastIndexOf ('O'); returns the index subscript of a character starting at the end of a string.
StringName. link ();
OnChange = ""
OnClick = ""
OnFocus = ""
OnLoad = ""
OnMouseOver = ""
OnSelect = ""
OnSubmit = ""
OnUnload = "" When exiting the document

Document. open ([MIMETYPE])
Window. open ("url", "windows name" [, "windowFeatures"])

Date. parse ("Jan 11,1996 ");
ParseFloat (string)
ParseInt (string [, radox]);

Document. fromName. passwordName
Location. pathname, link. pathname, links [index]. pathname

WindowName. prompt (message [inputDefault]);
About, ftp, http, mailto, news, file, javascript

Math. random () returns a random number between 0 and 1.
Math. round (argument) Rounding
FormName. resetButtonName

Window. status
StringName. strike () converts a character into a word with a strikethrough.
StringNAme. sub () converts a character into a subscript text format
FormName. submit () executes the same action as clicking the submit button
StringName. substring (index1, index2)
StringName. sup () is converted to the superscript format.
Target specifies a window name string formName.tar get, forms?,,, links=index=.tar get

Document. title: return the read value in the <title> tag. If it is not included, it is NULL.

Date. toGMTString () converts a Date to a time string

StringName. toLowerCase ();
StringName. toUppderCase ()

Window. top, window, top. frameName, window. top. frames [index] top browser window

Navigator. userAgent browser identity proxy
Documnet. vlinkColor returns the color value accessed by the link.

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