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First, the preface

select()when you read a one-to-many amount of information from a database, you often need to split the retrieved array into a specific character and then concatenate it into a string.

Common syntax formats:

 foreach ($arr as $key => $value) {
 $arr _str = $arr [' x_id ']. ',' . $arr _str;

Suppose the characters $arr in a character array are

 Arr[0] = ' a ';
 Arr[1] = ' B ';
 ARR[2] = ' C ';

Then, after the concatenation of the $arr_str string for a,b,c, this time, we need to the last character ', ' delete processing.

Second, PHP to delete the last character of the method summary:

Method One:

substr ($arr _str,0,strlen ($arr _str)-1);

detailed explanation: substr() function Syntax:string substr ( string $string , int $start [, int $length ] )

strlen()function Syntax:int strlen ( string $string )

The principle of this example:

The function is used strlen() to determine the length of the string $arr_str , and then the substr() function is used to intercept $arr_str and intercept to $arr_str the penultimate digit. This will remove the last ",".

Usage feeling:

Not recommended, PHP, there are more concise and better use of the way!

Method Two:


Detailed: directly use the substr() reverse function to cut off the last character;

Use the feeling: still very suitable ~ ~ However, first you have to determine the string must have content, and the last one must not!

Method Three:


detailed explanation: rtrim() function Syntax:string rtrim ( string $str [, string $character_mask ] )

rtrim-Delete white space characters (or other characters) at the end of a string

Usage feeling:

It's just for this need!

Note: The above method returns the operation result after manipulating the string, and does not change the string itself! Remember to use a variable to receive the result!

Third, summary

The above is a PHP delete string The last character of several methods summary, we have learned it? Hope this article for everyone's study or work can bring certain help.

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