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The one-click installation package of some Linux VPS is collected without name. The one-click installation package can greatly simplify manual costs and save time, which not only facilitates the use of Linux VPS, for Linux veterans, a large number of commands are required for compiling and installation. It takes a lot of time to configure the production environment. These one-click installation packages are easy to use and are easy to modify by using Shell.

This article will be updated constantly. If you find a new one-click installation package, it will be added in time. If you have better, please leave a message in time. Thank you ~

One-click installation package for the Web package

One-click installation package of LNMP

The one-click installation package for LNMP is a Linux Shell program that can be compiled for CentOS/RadHat, Debian/Ubuntu VPS (VDS), or independent hosts to install LNMP (Nginx, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin) the Shell program in the production environment.

Applicable systems: CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu


LNAMP one-click installation package

LNAMP is a set of production environment installation packages that are mainly used by Linux (CentOS), Nginx, Apache, Mysql, and Php, and supplemented by Pure-ftpd and Jailkit. all operations are integrated into a Linux Shell script file. administrators can easily install, uninstall, Add User Virtual Hosts (subdomains), and delete user virtual hosts (subdomains. it facilitates system administrators to the maximum extent and does not affect subsequent software installation compatibility (limited ).

Applicable system: Linux CentOS 5 (32bit/64bit)


One-click installation package of LLsMP

LLsMP is a security package for Linux + Litespeed + MySQL + PHP.

Applicable systems: CentOS/Debian


CentOS LAMP/LNMP one-click installation package

This one-click installation script contains two installation options:

Lamp (apache + mysql + php + zend + eAccelerator + vsftpd + phpmyadmin)

Lnmp (nginx + mysql + php + zend + eAccelerator + vsftpd + phpmyadmin)

Applicable system: CentOS 5


VPN one-click installation package

Pptp vpn one-click installation package

PPTP is the most common VPN software.

Applicable system: CentOS 5 32bit/64bit

Enable TUN/TAP in OpenVZ VPS


One-click installation package for CentOS OpenVPN

OpenVPN is a safer open-source VPN software.

Applicable system: CentOS


One-click installation package for CentOS L2TP VPN

OpenVPN is a safer open-source VPN software.

Applicable system: CentOS 32Bit (applicable to xen vps)


One-click control panel installation package

Kloxo one-click installation package

Kloxo is an excellent Web control panel with commercial and free versions. The free version of Kloxo allows you to bind 40 domain names. For common customers, 40 domain names are enough.

Applicable system: CentOS 5


Virtualmin/Webmin one-click installation package

Virtual/Webmin is a very easy-to-use Linux host panel. The most important thing is that it is free of charge. You can try it if you cannot afford cPanel or DirectAdmin, it will definitely surprise you.

Applicable system: CentOS 5 32Bit/64Bit


ISPConfig one-click installation package

ISPConfig is an open-source virtual host Management Program in Linux with a Web Control Panel, you can use the Web Control Panel to manage virtual hosts, set up websites, set up mailboxes, set up and manage mysql databases, support DNS resolution, monitor server running conditions, and manage IPTable firewall Shell services. Supports Chinese characters.

Applicable system: CentOS 5


LuManager one-click installation package

LuManager: Silly virtual host, FTP, MySQL, and file management Panel. It supports common BSD and Linux releases.

Applicable systems: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Zijidelu/FreeBSD/Debian/Centos/Ubuntu


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