Supplement to CentOS RedHat YUM source Extension

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Supplement to CentOS RedHat YUM source Extension

In general, we strongly recommend that you use YUM configuration to install the LAMP environment under CentOS6. Some brothers also like to use the compilation method. I personally think that if you do not customize the server, the yum installation is stable and simple. Why download & make install.

Configure the rpmforge and epel sources for centos. The official centos source is actually enough, but some extensions like php, such as php-mcrypt, are not available in official sources.
You can find the latest version of rpmforge source in release-*. i686.rpm or rpmforge-release-*. x86_64.rpm.
The epel source can be found in the, 32 systems in the i386 folder, 64-bit in the x86_64 folder, named epel-release-6-*. noarch. rpm, to find the latest version
Here we use a 32-bit system as an example,
# If The system prompts The requested URL returned error: 404, replace it with The latest version.

OPERATIONS: ========================================================== ===
Follow the steps below:

Switch the default centos source to the 163 image (this step is not required)

Perform operations as prompted

Then add the yum source and run the following command:
32-bit rpm-ivh
64-bit rpm-ivh

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