Suse System Disk File Corruption recovery

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The disk file of the Suse system was damaged and recovered this morning. It was found that the development machine could not be connected because of the power failure of the property during the weekend. Boot, but the machine cannot start. enters the rescue (failSafe) mode to detect the problem. It is found that the file system is damaged because of the/dev/sda4 partition. /Dev/sda4: unexpected inconsistency: run fsck manually. (I. e. without-a or-p option) OK. Find the cause and try again. 1. Enter the root password to log on to the system in rescue mode. 2. # mount | grep "on/" 3. # fsck-y/dev/sda4fsck scan and repair the partition, and perform related repair operations.-y indicates Automatic repair. You do not need to manually confirm that yes is entered, /dev/sda4 is the partition to be repaired. For details, refer to the partition to be repaired. 4. A long repair process may take a long time. Please wait patiently. 5. After the system is repaired, reboot restarts the system.

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