SVG + JavaScript + ASP. NET + WebService-Building Management System Development-Miscellaneous 2

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In the previous article, SVG + JavaScript + ASP. NET + WebService was used to develop the building management system-Miscellaneous 1
Last Thursday, B said that he had to take a break on Friday and asked me to check whether a customer's requirements could be met and let me make an empty shell of the Program (a picture that can be moved ). After reading this requirement, I felt that it was not very difficult to implement it. I did not investigate the empty shell.

When B came on Monday, he asked me how the demand investigation was. I told B that I had a look at the implementation and then began to make the empty shell. How did the empty shell do? I replied that I added a picture and moved the screen, but the overall progress was not great. B said that you did not do anything on Friday. I didn't say anything, so I was upset when I heard this.

Then B said that he would go to the customer at this afternoon. Before that, let me make a survey sample based on that requirement. I and B said it was too late, he thought about writing documents first. I will write down what you want first. To make it clear, I posted an image in the document and saw it by B, so it is not that complicated, I asked B How to Write it. You gave me a template, and then B gave me a template, and I started to write it based on the gourd image watermark, I wrote half of B and told me that you will report your progress to me every day. I said no problem, provided that you first told me the plan. B didn't say anything, so I continued to write. After writing it, I asked B to check it out. B pointed to a sentence in the document and said, You have made a sample before today. I heard this and it turned into a fire. What did you say just now, write the document. Now I have given you the document. Instead of reading it, I need to make the sample immediately. What do you mean? I asked him what you just said. B didn't answer much and asked me to send this document to him first. Then B asked me to explain to me how to make this sample. I knew how to do it, so I didn't listen carefully. After that, I asked me how long it would take to do this. I and B said that the data should be retrieved from the database, and that drawing and drawing can only be completed by tomorrow. B said that it would be okay without complicated hard coding. I should finish it before. I will try it and I will start it.

In the afternoon, there was a problem during the process. As simple as I thought, switching over SVG images may not trigger the page_load event. I started the investigation for a while. B came to ask me how I was when I saw that I was not in coding? I said I encountered a problem, but I couldn't finish it before. Then I will discuss the problem with B. B was so proud to say that he saw it. That's why you wanted to investigate it. Then B told me his ideas and I didn't listen to him at all, I think if I look into it again, it should be possible to implement it according to my ideas. At this time, it's almost. B asked me when I could do well. I said that if I don't need to retrieve data from the database, I should do it before I go back. Then B went to the meeting and I continued. After some investigation, it was basically done.

B will come back and ask me how I did it. I said it was basically done, and I started to show it to him. B said nothing after reading it, and asked me a detail about whether you implemented it in this way. I said it was not implemented in this way. B then asked me if you understood the solution, I didn't understand it. Then B started to talk to me about his practice. On the one hand, I didn't listen carefully. On the other hand, he was very abstract and vague. After that, he asked me if I understood it. I replied that I still didn't understand it. He seemed a little annoyed. He said something in the morning and said why he didn't understand it yet. I didn't say anything in my mind: you asked me to investigate, and I started to investigate. Now the investigation is well done. Do you have to follow your plan if I have my plan? He seemed impatient and began to talk to me about his practice again. I listened carefully this time, but he was still vague. I asked him to explain it again. This time, I finally made it clear, I also understand. Then I stared at his lecture and watched it for a while. Actually, I was thinking about how to implement it. The Idiot looked at me as though I didn't reflect it and began to say impatiently that you understood it, I did not directly reply to me and said that you have summarized him into a document, and he replied that the key is whether you understand it or not. I replied that I understand that your solution is now considering implementation methods. Then I said another thing, but my plan won't work. He seemed to have a clear explanation of what he said, and he should try all the methods. I didn't think about anything. I started to create another sample according to his plan.

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