Svn+http Installation

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1. Check if the package exists

Rmp-qa | grep http

Rmp-qa |grep Subversion

Rpm-qa |grep MOD_DAV_SVN

2. Install the required software

Yum install-y httpd Subversion mod_dav_svn

3. Create SVN directory

MKDIR/SVN-----Create an SVN directory

Svnadmin Create test----creates an SVN repository named tes

4. Modify the subversion.conf configuration


LoadModule Dav_svn_module modules/

LoadModule Authz_svn_module modules/



#SVNListParentPath on


AuthType Basic

AuthName "Authorization Realm"


Authzsvnaccessfile/etc/svn/svn.access #svn的用户目录访问权限文件

Require Valid-user #允许使用账号密码请求

#SVNAutoversioning on

#ModMimeUsePathInfo on


5. Modify SVN to manage with Apache


Chown apache:apache-r Test #授权test为Apache目录浏览

chmod 755 Test

6. Create an account password using the Apache htpasswd command



Enter Password two times

7. Configure permissions to create accounts

Touch/etc/svn/svn.access #svn的访问目录权限



Testgroup = Tianshi

NewGroup = Test1,test2


@Newgroup = R

[test:/] #test文件组权限设置 RW Read and Write permissions


@Testgroup = R


Tianshi = RW

8. Restart httpd, Svnserve service

Service httpd Start


9. Turn off SELinux

Temporary shutdown Setenforce 0

10. Restart the server

Init 6

Svn+http Installation

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