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Most of the time, we will find that our system has more and more problems. If we use it, the system will certainly not run very efficiently, or even cannot run normally. If we choose to reinstall the system, it will not be difficult to say, it also takes a long wait time.
In fact, when a Windows system encounters a failure that cannot be started or fails to run, we may wish to use the following six measures to quickly and effectively "first aid" the damaged Windows system, maybe it will be amazing!

1. Last Configuration

For Windows or later operating systems, the system registry is automatically backed up after each successful startup. Once we find that Windows cannot be started normally this time, most of the time, we performed an incorrect operation on the system or installed some software incorrectly, which damaged the settings of the system registry. At this point, we can try to restart the computer system with the configuration of the previous successful startup: as long as the system is restarted, press the F8 function key in time to bring up the System Startup menu, then select the "Last correct configuration" item, so that the Windows system may be able to start normally again.

2. Repair System Files

If some core files in Windows are accidentally damaged, it is difficult for Windows to start normally even if the last configuration is used. If only a small amount of system files are damaged in Windows, we may try to repair the damaged system files by using the built-in SFC scan repair command in Windows, once the repair is successful, the Windows system will be restarted again. When repairing damaged system files, click Start or run. In the displayed system running dialog box, enter the string "sfc/scannow" and click Enter, the command program will search and scan the system files in every corner of the system. Once the system file version is incorrect or the system file is damaged, the prompt page will pop up automatically, we need to insert an installation disc for Windows to extract normal system files to replace abnormal system files, so as to repair system files. If the system repair operation is successful, we believe that when we restart the computer system, we will not see any abnormal phenomenon.

3. log out of the current user

If the damaged part of the Windows system is caused by the installation of inappropriate software or the improper settings of the software, we can usually use the "deregister current user" method, because the impact of software on system settings is often limited to users currently logged on, once the system cannot run properly under the current user status, we can log off the current user and log on to the system again with another user, so that Windows can generally resume normal operation.

Before logging out of the current user and logging on to the system with another user, open the control panel window of the system and double-click the "User Account" project, click the "add" button on the page to create a new Logon account and set an appropriate access password for the account, set the corresponding account to the super administrator permission.

After logging on to Windows with another account, some important data stored in the current user directory may not be accessible. Therefore, before logging off the user, we need to open the system resource manager window, find the user directory corresponding to the Current Account. For example, if the account currently logged on to the system is aaaa, the default account directory of the system should be "C: WindowsDocumentsandSettingsaaaa ", back up all the important data under this directory to a directory other than the system partition.

After completing the above preparations, we can execute the "Start"/"deregister aaaa" command in sequence to deregister the current Logon account, then, log on to the Windows system with the created account. After successfully logging on to the Windows system with the new account, we can recover the important data backed up to the new user directory corresponding to the current account, so that the damaged Windows system can restore the previous normal operation status.

4. re-register the DLL file

Windows systems may suffer frequent damages, mainly because many applications often share the call of some DLL files. Once some applications are automatically uninstalled after use, the DLL files called by these applications are often deleted, so when other applications in Windows or the system call those shared DLL files again, this will naturally lead to errors.

When the Windows system is abnormal due to the loss of system DLL files, we do not need to reinstall the operating system, you only need to re-register the lost DLL files to restore the system to normal operation. Considering that we do not know which DLL files are damaged or lost, we may wish to re-register all the DLL files in the system through the following methods, instead of registering one or more DLL files separately:

First open a file editing program like Notepad, and then enter the following command line code in the corresponding program interface:

@ Echooff
For % 1in (% windir % system32 * .dll1_doregsvr32.exe/s % 1

Save the preceding command line code as a batch file with the extension BAT. For example, the author assumes that the Code content is saved as repair. bat file, followed by repair. create a shortcut icon for the bat file and drag it directly to the system desktop. When you need to re-register all DLL files in the system in the future, you only need to double-click repair. the shortcut icon of the bat file, and the system will automatically start re-registration of all DLL files. Once all the DLL files have been re-registered, the system will surely be quite normal!

5. restore the original file

If the failure of the Windows system is caused by accidental damage to the system registry, we can use the conventional copy command, to directly copy the original registry information of the system to the corresponding directory of the system, so as to quickly restore the damaged system files. After Windows is installed successfully for the first time, the original registry information is automatically backed up and saved to the Repair subdirectory under the system installation directory, therefore, you only need to copy the registry information under the Repair subdirectory to the System Configuration directory:

If only one operating system is installed on the local computer, you can use the Windows 98 boot disc to boot the system to the doscommand line status first; if more than two operating systems are installed on the local computer, you only need to switch the system to another system that can run normally. Then, in the doscommand line status, run the CD command to switch the current directory to the "% windir % Repair" subdirectory and execute the following string commands in sequence:


Once the system prompts whether to overwrite the previous file during the execution of the preceding string command, we can answer the question directly. After the registry information of the system is replaced by all the original registry files, restart the system again. We believe that the system will run normally at this time.

6. System Restoration

If the Windows XP system is installed on our computer, in addition to the above method to first aid the damaged system, we can also use the unique "System Restoration function" of Windows XP system ", to restore the running status of the Windows system to normal, the following is the specific implementation steps of this method:

Click "start", "program", "attachment", "System Tools", and "System Restore" commands. In the displayed System Restore settings wizard, select the "Restore my computer to an earlier time" project and click the "Next" button. In the displayed System Restore Point List window, we usually select a restore point close to the current time to restore the system. Once the Restore point is selected, click the next button, windows can be automatically restored to the previous normal working status. It is worth mentioning that before using this function, we must create a suitable system restore point in time when the Windows system is running normally so that we can use it to restore the system in the future!

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