Take a look at the product lines for foreign saas, such as salesforce, NetSuite and zendesk, and more (salesforce buys $750 million for cloud computing word processing Applications Quip)

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To see what they do, I do what I do ~ even better than they do.


Sina Science and technology Beijing time August 3 afternoon news, The U.S. cloud computing CRM software provider Salesforce is still a big acquisition to expand the category of cloud computing applications and services, the company has just announced the acquisition of cloud computing word processing application Quip.

The deal is made up of cash and equities, and people familiar with the deal say the total amount is about $750 Million.

quip, A former Facebook CTO Brettes Thelles Bret Taylor, was founded in 2012 to finance $45 million so far, with investors including Salesforce CEO Mark Benniof (Marc Benioff), and Peter Fenton (Peter Fenton), Yuri Milner (Yuri Milner), Benchmark and Greylock. Quip already has several key corporate clients, including Taylor's former club Facebook.

Quip said in the official blog that the company would continue to operate its existing operations. Kevin Gibbs, Taylor and co-founder of the company and former Google employee Kevin Gibbs, will remain in Office. (book Pei)



Editor's note: today, The SaaS industry is "hot" in a mess, now will you anticipate its next change? Tomasz tunguz, partner of Red Dot investment (redpoint), gave his opinion.

The next major change in the SaaS industry is transforming software as a service from a "displacer" to a "disruptor".

Alternative technologies and existing technologies will compete for the same purchase Parameters. Disruptive companies can change the way buyers think and address their needs. today, most SaaS products are "replacements".

initially, It was thought that SaaS products were cheap and comparable to peer Service. 5-10 years ago, This argument might be right. however, SaaS Companies now account for 15% of the total software revenue, replacing older Rivals.

however, most of the gains are of a replaceable nature. Whether it replaces existing CRM systems or "paper and pens", existing software companies are still competing around the same purchase Parameters. For example, by personalizing the CRM system, its integrated functionality makes it more appealing to Buyers.

The software industry can be easily divided into recording systems and workflow Applications. A recording system is a single source of information for a particular department or Company. CRM is the standard sales information source, and ERP system is the standard company financial information source. The record system is valuable because it generates reports for the Company's management team and provides insights, not because of their user-friendliness.

On the other hand, workflow applications urge people to do their jobs. Products for salespeople, Sales development reps, marketers and customer service personnel are the most Successful.

Most SaaS companies use the Web Browser's distribution advantage to pursue a bottom-up approach to a customer. These software companies pursue the value proposition of the WORKFLOW. But there are exceptions:Salesforce,NetSuite, and Workday.

Some companies are transitioning from workflow applications to recording systems, and Zendesk is one such example, initially serving small and medium-sized companies, later serving the mid-market, and then converting to an Enterprise-grade recording system that meets customer NEEDS.

however, These cases are still about Substitution. The factors that influence them to make decisions are the Same.

In the next revolution in the SaaS industry, startups may change the buying process and use workflows to disrupt the recording System. The data collected from these uses will provide insights that were not available from the previous record System.

For Example: does the current CRM technology tell the CEO how long it will take to close an account or support an account? Is the client ultimately a profitable customer?

For a SaaS company, the workflow product has a fundamental strategic advantage because it provides an invisible vantage point for existing People. We haven't seen many examples of workflow applications subverting the record system, but by leveraging the strategic advantage and changing the buying process, the new SaaS company will transform from a "replacement" to a "spoiler".


Take a look at the product lines for foreign saas, such as salesforce, NetSuite and zendesk, and more (salesforce buys $750 million for cloud computing word processing Applications Quip)

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